Naka-Kon is proud to support three charities for our 2017 convention. Locally, Naka-Kon will be supporting the Kansas City Extra Life Guild and the Harvesters Community Food Network. Internationally, Naka-Kon will be supporting the Miyagi Prefecture Reforestation Project, a longtime charity of choice.

In addition to our Charity Ball, Naka-Kon has partnered with Bill Butts to host The Strongest Panel!, a One-Punch Man workout competition where you can compete to be the best!

All proceeds from these events go directly to our charities!

Harvesters Community Food Network

Harvesters is a regional food bank serving a 26-county area of northwestern Missouri and northeastern Kansas. Harvesters provides food and related household products to more than 620 not-for-profit agencies including emergency food pantries, community kitchens, homeless shelters, children’s homes and others. Harvesters also offers education programs to increase community awareness of hunger and teach about good nutrition. The organization is also one of the five regional disaster relief staging sites for Feeding America.

Naka-Kon will be collecting food donations in a barrel by the Info Desk. Please contribute and help feed families in our local community! In exchange, you could win a badge to Naka-Kon 2018!

  • 1 item donated = 1 raffle ticket
  • 3 items donated = 2 raffle tickets
  • 5+ items donated = 3 raffle tickets

Come by info desk during the following hours to make your donation and get your raffle tickets:

  • Friday: 2 p.m.-9 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9 a.m. -9 p.m.
  • Sunday: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

How You Can Help

Harvesters needs donations of shelf-stable goods, as well as toiletries and household goods. Some of their most-needed items include:

  • Canned vegetables (low sodium)
  • Canned fruits in 100% juice
  • Dried fruit (no added sugar preferred)
  • Canned chicken, tuna, salmon (packed in water)
  • Brown rice
  • Whole grain pasta
  • Dried beans or canned low sodium beans
  • Peanut, almond, or sun butter
  • Canned soup (chicken, tomato or vegetable)
  • Cereal, hot and cold (whole grain, low-sugar preferred)
  • Soap, deodorant, shampoo, and toilet paper

Please bring donations to the Info Desk, located outside Ballroom A.

Kansas City Extra Life Guild

Help raise money for your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital by doing what you probably already love to do: play games! Extra Life is a 24-hour gaming marathon on benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This year, the marathon will take place on November 5. Individuals across the globe collect pledges throughout the year for this gaming marathon. All proceeds raised go 100% directly to local hospitals; more than $14 million has been raised for local CMN hospitals since 2008. The Kansas City Extra Life Guild supports the Kansas City’s local CMN hospital, KU Medical Center Pediatrics. Anybody can join and help out.

How You Can Help

You can ask questions, sign up, or donate at the Kansas City Extra Life Guild table outside the Gaming Room, or you may sign up online at by selecting KS-KU Med, or your
local hospital, when doing so. The Kansas City Extra Life Guild has kindly provided help for Naka-Kon, so please give them an extra-big thanks!

The Miyagi Prefecture Reforestation Project

The Miyagi Prefecture Reforestation Project aims to reforest a significant coastal region of Japan that was damaged by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami; the proceeds raised will be donated directly to OISCA, the international organization that oversees the project.

The project was conceived after Japan was hit by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and 8-meter tsunami in Tohoku Region on March 11, 2011. In collaboration with the local and national government of Japan, forest experts, public and private companies, Nigata University and members of the Association for the Coastal Forest Restoration in Natori City (a group of local farmers and disaster victims), OISCA is aiming to reforest a portion of the 3,659 hectares of damaged coastal forest in Tohoku, using black pine and broadleaf species of seedlings.

From 2011 to 2020, in the span of 10 years, OISCA will reforest the 100 hectares coastal area of Natori City in Miyagi Prefecture. To help in the immediate recovery of the disaster victims, at least 30 local farmers are being subcontracted to raise black pine seedlings in the OISCA nursery.

How You Can Help

Make a donation at our shrine outside Ballroom A, or at one of the other donation boxes scattered throughout the convention! You can also purchase markers and leave your art on our Otaku Lounge mural in the Vendor Room; proceeds go to our charities. You can also contribute by participating in one of our charity events, including the Charity Ball, the Jail and Bail, and The Strongest Panel!

Charity Events at Naka-Kon 2017

Looking for fun things to do to support our charities? Check out these events!

Naka-Kon Charity Ball

Join us for Naka-Kon's annual formal dance! Tickets are $5 and go toward Naka-Kon charities. Check out our Charity Ball web page for more information.

The Strongest Panel!

Prepare for a true event of LEGEND! In The Strongest Panel, contestants shall participate in Naka-Kon’s very own ONE-PUNCH MAN WORKOUT! The competition is separated in class sections from C-class through S-class! The workout consist of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats! The first 3 to finish in each class will receive an actual medal!

  • C-class: 30 reps of each.
  • B-class: 50 reps of each.
  • A-class: 75 reps of each.
  • S-class: 100 reps of each.

All of the proceeds from the $10 entry fee will be donated to Naka-Kon’s official charities! So come get a good workout in, and have fun for a good cause!

Otaku Mural for Charity

Leave your mark (and art) on the Otaku Lounge’s mural, while supporting Naka-Kon charities. Markers (which you get to keep!) will be available for just $0.50.