Dance Party Rules

Per OPCC policy, outside food and drink will not be allowed into the Dance Party. Water will be provided inside the ballroom, along the outer walls.

Be prepared to show your badge to the volunteers at the door! It may be a long line, but if everyone cooperates and takes the time to go through one by one, we can check badges quickly and get you in and dancing!

No bags are permitted in the dance. All bags must be left in a hotel room or vehicle. The volunteers at the doors of the dance party will not watch bags or property, and are not responsible for property left unattended. This includes ALL bags, regardless of size. Store your purses, fanny packs, and clutches in your car or hotel room before you attend!

Naka Kon's dress code and codes of conduct will be enforced inside the Dance Party. You can find a copy of the Dress Code online, or in your program books.

Please, make it quick and easy for everyone at the end of the night. When the party is over, double check that you have everything you brought in! Please leave the OPCC promptly after the party, so that our volunteers can finish cleaning up and head home to their beds, too.

Dance Party Poi and Prop Rules

After many requests, Naka-Kon would like to announce that we’re bringing poi back to Dance Party! We would still like to keep the dance a safe environment for all of our attendees, so we’ve created a special area up front where you can spin poi to your heart’s content (with a couple of qualifications, of course!):

  1. If you enter the area for poi spinning, you are assuming all liability for any risks or injuries that you may encounter. Naka-Kon will offer our sympathies and whatever aid we can, but we are not responsible for any accidentally launched poi, excessively large dance moves, disorientation caused by lights or spinning, busted hips instead of moves, etc.
  2. The Naka-Kon Prop and Weapons policy will be enforced inside of the Dance Party, with a few additions and highlights due to the dim lighting and large crowds:
    1. No metal props, even if they are dull or lightweight.
    2. Again, nothing that is on fire.
    3. No props or poi should reach more than five feet away from the user.
    4. No spinning poi should have a weight of more than 8 ounces.
    5. No props should weigh more than 10 pounds
  3. If you cause a safety hazard with your props and toys, you will be asked to remove them from the Dance Party.
  4. In the interest of safety, no props that may resemble a firearm will be allowed inside of the Dance Party.
  5. We would like to remind our attendees that mock fighting is not allowed at Naka-Kon, and is still not allowed inside of the Dance Party. You are, of course, welcome to take pictures of any cool props you see, with permission from the subject of your photography!

The poi spinning area in the Dance Party will be clearly marked inside of the Ballrooms. This roped-off area will operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so please try to share the limited time and space alloted with your fellow Kon-goers! We will have a member of our staff wearing a safety vest outside of the area to assist you and make sure that the props and poi you bring with you meet our standards. Naka-Kon reserves the right to request the disuse or removal of any props or poi that we deem unsafe.

If you have any questions about the Dance Party rules, or about what props you may bring, please feel free to email! We would be happy to assist you in planning for the convention!

Disability Services in Dance Party

In an effort to make the Dance Party more accessible, Naka-Kon will provide expedited pre-entry to the dance party for our attendees who may use wheelchairs or other who require an accessible area to enjoy the event without being bumped into or overcrowded. After the dance party has started, we will also have an accessible entry available via the Ballroom B doors (by the autograph area). Inside of the Dance Party, we will have a wheelchair accesible area roped off near the stage with water and limited additional seating also provided. Please respect your fellow attendees who need access to the area, and only bring one able friend or attendant with you into the roped off area.

If you have any questions about how this area affects you, please feel free to email During the convention, you can visit the Disability Services table located in Exhibit Hall A during Registration hours. After Exhibit Hall A is closed, please visit the Ops office, located in Linden, on the lower level of the Sheraton.

Convention rules are subject to modification at the discretion of the Naka-Kon Japanese Cultural Education Association.