Disability Services Staff Disability Services Staff at Naka-Kon 2016.

Disability Services

At Naka-Kon we believe conventions should be accessible to and enjoyed by everyone. Our Disability Services sector is here to assist you during the convention.


Does the Disability Services Sector Apply to My Needs and Me?

You should visit our Disability Services table if you have a medical or accessibility need, or if such assistance would prevent damage to an existing injury. If you are unsure whether you qualify, please contact us before the convention (disability@naka-kon.com), so that we may discuss your needs.

Regardless of whether you use Disability Services during Naka-Kon, if you begin to feel unwell during the convention, please take a break. If needed, ask a friend for assistance. If you experience a medical emergency during the convention, contact Naka-Kon staff, hotel staff, or convention center staff immediately. Basic first aid can be provided on site, and emergency medical services (Johnson County Med-Act) will be called as appropriate.

Disability Services Table

Disability Services is located in Exhibit Hall A of the convention center, along with Registration. The table is set up next to Weapons Check and will be open during the same hours as Registration. If you need any of the services provided by Naka-Kon, please go by our Disability Services table and discuss your needs with our Disability Services Staff. If you need assistance after hours, please go to Kon Ops (Linden, Lower Level Sheraton), which is staffed 24/7.


If you require assistance with the Registration process, or are unable to stand in line, please ask the Registration staff or volunteer at the door of Exhibit Hall A for assistance. They will escort you to the Disability Services table, located within Exhibit Hall A, where you will be able to complete the registration process and pick up your badge.

Personal attendants accompanying attendees to provide medical- or disability-related assistance are eligible to receive a PA badge that allows them entrance to convention spaces while accompanying the attendee. For more information about this service, please email disability@naka-kon.com.

Wheelchair Checkout

Naka-Kon is spread out over three hotels and the convention center itself. If you arrive at Naka-Kon and realize you need help traversing the con, we do have a limited number of manual wheelchairs available and rollators to check out. Please visit the Disability Services table in Exhibit Hall A to check one out. Electric wheelchairs and scooters are not available for checkout or rent through the convention at this time.

Elevators and Restrooms

Elevators and restrooms, including gender-neutral restrooms, are marked on the maps in the program book for all facilities, and on maps displayed around the convention space. If you do not have access to a map, please ask any Naka-Kon staffer for directions.


If you need guide assistance when walking on stairs or navigating the convention space, please ask one of our staffers for help.


Food in Kon Suite will be marked for nut, dairy, gluten, soy, and fish allergies, and alternatives will be available for people with food sensitivities. (Please note, Kon Suite is for Kon Supporters and VIP badge holders only.)

Service Animal Policy

Naka-Kon, the Sheraton, and the Overland Park Convention Center welcome service animals as described under Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and compliant with the Kansas Public Access Statutes. At this time, that does not include Emotional Service Animals or service animals other than dogs and miniature horses.

Please ensure that you and your service animal are in compliance with ADA and KPAS rules at all times. Anyone whose service animal is out of control and who does not take effective control of it, or whose animal is not housebroken, will be asked to remove the animal from convention space, and allowed to return without it. Any questions regarding Naka-Kon’s service animal policy or further accommodations can be sent to disability@naka-kon.com.

When walking your animal, please be courteous to our other attendees who like to play in the convention center courtyard and enjoy the green space around the hotels. A dog play area is located on sub-level 2 of the Sheraton, on the far west side of the hotel, accessible via the parking lot elevator.

Kon Publications

Large-print editions of the schedule are available upon request at the Disability Services table.

Screen-reader friendly digital copies of the schedule and program book are available on the website or by contacting disability@naka-kon.com.

Programming Accessibility

We will be providing ASL interpreting at a limited number of events this year as we continue to assess demand. If you are interested in these services, please email disability@naka-kon.com.

All panelists have been sent information regarding how to best create an accessible presentation, such as how to properly use a microphone.

Hand-held, double-sided signs that say “show your mouth” on one side and “use the microphone” on the other will be available at the Disability Services Table in Exhibit Hall A, and panelists have been told to look for them in use in their audiences.

In addition, we will have earplugs available for free at the Disability Services Table.

Stage Accessibility

If you need a ramp to access the stage for the Cosplay Contest or the Gothic Lolita Fashion Show, please contact cosplay@naka-kon.com or programming@naka-kon.com.


Subtitled screenings will have a symbol printed next to them where they are listed in the screening schedule.

Early Seating

Early seating will be available where VIP access or early lineup is available. Our Access Control staff and other line control monitors have been informed of this potential need, and will provide you with a spot in the early admittance line upon request.

Priority Seating

Priority seating will be available in all panel rooms and seated event rooms, for those with sight, hearing, and mobility impairments. The first row will be marked to provide space for wheelchairs, and end seating for those who are unable to easily maneuver the rows. To ensure a spot in this area, please arrive at least 10 minutes before the panel begins, and at least 15 minutes before events in the large programming rooms (check map), as Priority Seating is on a first-come first-served basis.

Priority Seating does not guarantee you a seat to any panel or program. We cannot guarantee you Priority Seating after the program has started or if the room is full, so please arrive promptly.

Line Assistance

Line assistance is available for those who find it difficult to stand for long periods of time. Our Access Control staff and other line control monitors have been alerted to this potential need and will provide you with a chair to use in line, or place you in a seat near the line and flag the space you held. Please inform the staffer managing the line of your need before you enter the line to ensure speedy care.

Quiet Room

For the first time, Naka-Kon would like to offer a Quiet Room, located in Juniper on the lower level of the Sheraton. This is a quiet space to take a break from the over-stimulating sights and sounds of the convention. We ask that there is no talking inside the quiet room, or food. Please be courteous to your fellow overly-stimulated Quiet Roomers and don’t sleep or bring in strong scents. This is not a hoppin’ hang-out spot for you and your finger-snappin’ gang of plucky otaku; this is a place of rest and rejuvenation before plunging back into the festivities.

Quiet Room Hours:

Friday 10 a.m.-2 a.m.

Saturday 10 a.m.-2 a.m.

Sunday 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking for those with disability placards and license plates is unfortunately limited. Naka-Kon does not have the ability to add additional parking, so please plan accordingly. We will have shuttles running from the overflow hotels to the convention center Friday through Sunday, as well as the Black and Veatch parking lot (our designated overflow parking) on Friday and Saturday. A wheelchair-accessible shuttle is available. If you need to drop off a member of your party who is in a wheelchair, there are accessible drop-off points located both at the front of the Sheraton Hotel, facing College Boulevard, and behind the Sheraton Hotel and Overland Park Convention Center, on West 110th St. For more information about shuttle routes, please visit the info desk or the Disability Services table.

Any vehicles without the required placard that park in a disabled spot will be towed.

Naka-Kon will investigate potential misuse of our Disability Services sector. Any fraudulently obtained services will result in immediate expulsion of the individual/s from the premises, and depending on the severity of the fraud, a ban from future Naka-Kon-affiliated activities.

Final Thoughts

We hope to meet the needs of all our attendees, but we admit that this might not be possible at this time. Naka-Kon’s Disability Services sector is still very young, and we’re learning. If we did not provide enough help, or missed something completely, please let us know so we can improve this sector. Email your concerns, ideas, or kudos to disability@naka-kon.com and ops@naka-kon.com.