Event Tickets

A handful of Naka-Kon events require you to purchase a ticket in addition to your badge. These events are:

  • Maid Café
  • Lolita Tea Party
  • Saké Tastings (21+ only)
  • Sake Tasting + Food Pairing (21+ only)
  • Charity Ball

Ticket prices are to be determined. Online transactions will be subject to Eventbrite and credit card transaction fees.

Please note, both the Lolita Tea Party and Charity Ball enforce appropriate dress codes. See the Charity Ball and Lolita Tea Party pages for more information.

Online Ticket Sales

Tickets will be available to purchase before the convention online. When ticket sales open, visit this page for a link to our Events Tickets page at Eventbrite.

If you purchase a ticket online, you may use your Eventbrite receipt and check in at the event. Bring either a printed confirmation or bring your Eventbrite receipt on your phone or other mobile device. An event staff member will scan your receipt at the door to check you in.