Fan Panels

Below are fan-hosted panels for Naka-Kon 2017. Please consult the schedule for times. Don't forget to check out our guest panels as well!

NOTE: You must be at least 18 years old to attend any panel marked 18+, no exceptions. In addition to your badge, you must show a valid photo ID with your birth date on it to be admitted.

This page last updated on Feb. 16, 2017.

1 vs the Con (John Sextro, Nick Butcher, Shannon Clark)

Do you think you can outsmart the rest of the convention? Is your knowledge of anime encyclopedic? Then this might be a panel for you. Compete against the rest of the panel for a chance to win glory, prestige, and maybe even a prize! Just remember, you aren't the only one answering the questions. The rest of the panel is out to get you in this trivia game show. Will you manage to survive? Or will the panel walk out with your victory?

A History of Hardcore: IWA King of the Deathmatch 95 (Sean)

Pro wrestling in Japan spans many genres. In 1995 there was no hotter promotion in Japan than the IWA. Wrestlers from all over the world came to perform at their events. 1995 even saw the rise of the now well-known wrestler Mick Foley. Come watch the historic event that launched his career. Some of the match types you will see include the barbed wire barricade, barbed wire baseball bat, plate glass, and bed of nails matches. Note that while there were non-death matches in this show, we will only be watching the tournament matches.

The Anime Game Show Explosion! (Con Men Productions)

Do you like trivia and shenanigans? What about ridiculous amounts of free Pocky and anime merch? The AGSE! is bringing all that and more! Whether you want to test your trivia skills or just witness the insanity, the Anime Game Show Explosion! Is guaranteed to daze and amaze! Did we mention FREE POCKY???

Anime on Stage (Chibi Oro)

Love anime? Love theatre? Then we've got the panel for you! Join the discussion and immerse yourself in the world of theatrical anime stage plays. From "Sailor Moon" to "Death Note", "Haikyuu!!" to "Black Butler", or stage plays to musicals. Come and see your favorite shows come to life in clips from these live productions.

Anime’s Greatest Heroes (Matthew Maxwell)

Hey Kon-goers! Think your favorite anime hero/heroine has what it takes to make the list? Join your count down host for the top 11 of anime's greatest heroes! The most powerful? The most loyal? The most pure of heart? What does it take to make a hero? Why the top 11? Guess you'll have to come by and see!

Anime Shorts: Big Ideas In A Small Package (BokuSatchii)

Why does an episode have to be 23 minutes? Why does a movie have to be 90? Welcome to the world of anime shorts, a proving ground for the medium's brightest minds and most innovative ideas, where you can watch a series start-to-finish in less than half an hour. Through the storied history of short films and the increasingly prolific medium of short TV anime, we'll investigate some of anime's most daring, fun, and bizarre experiments.

Beyond Anime High School: Anime For Grown-Ups (BokuSatchii)

With the number of anime that take place there, it can sometimes feel to older fans as though high school never ends. This panel seeks to do away with that horrifying notion by examining anime post-graduation: we'll look at shows in which characters go to college, get jobs, and tackle adult problems as they find their place in the real world.

Burning Love! A Kantai Fan Panel (Jason Bassett, Austin Plucknett)

I want YOU to be a Teitoku! This panel is all about Kantai Collection, a browser game turned stunning success from DMM! Come learn about the history behind the characters, tips and tricks to use on your next sortie, and news about upcoming releases of all things Kancolle! Whether you're an experienced commander or a civilian who knows nothing about shipgirls, stop by to learn and have a good time with Admirals Austin and Jason!

Conventions 101 (Boba Boyd, Novacain) (ASL Interpreting Available)

Are you new to conventions? Have you been to Naka-Kon before, but looking for some tips for the weekend? Are you from out of town and need to know how to get around? Come here to learn tips, tricks and must-knows to enhance your convention experience.

Cosplay Combat (Happy Sephy and friends)

A Naka-Kon tradition since 2007! Which cosplay do YOU think will win a controlled battle? Come join Happy Sephy and his friends as they roll the die and see which cosplayers are lucky enough. Who knows — you might also win something!

Dramatic Reading of Fanfic Porn (18+) (Novacain) (ASL Interpreting Available)

Do you love fan fiction? Do you love smut? Do you love things that are so bad they're good? Then join Novacain the Porn Maven and her friends as she explores the dark recesses of the internet. Brain bleach not provided.

End of the World: Post-Apocalypse in Popular Culture (18+) (Dwight)

It's the end of the world as I see it! Gather 'round and listen to the Wasteland Wanderer talk about post-apocalyptic and dystopian titles such as Mad Max and Kino's Journey, and what they mean in popular culture. Feel free to don your best distressed garb and look the part while watching clips, thumbing through books, and hearing of experiences with these gloomy, go-to titles!

Flip Flappers: The Best Anime That Nobody Watched (Jim Stewart, James F.)

2016 may go down in history as a complete garbage fire, but it's also the year that Flip Flappers saved anime. The world of Pure Illusion is as strange as it is fascinating, and there's a lot of symbolism to go through. If you're frustrated with the lack of discussion around fall 2016's hidden gem, come on by for a closer look at the themes and discussions about our favorite dimension-hopping girlfriends. Be prepared to share your own ideas and interpretations, because like any proper illusion, no two people's perspectives are the same!

Giant Robot Anime Through The Ages (BokuSatchii)

Mecha is one of the oldest and most recognizable genres of anime, but how did it get started, and how did it become what it is today? Find out in this informative panel, using illustrative video clips and historical context to trace the evolution of over five decades of giant robot anime!

Go: Socially Acceptable Stoning (Daniel Gentry, John Bonfilio, Michael Cooley)

Learn about the game of Go. Based on three simple rules, it inspires laughter and anger, love and obsession. Warning: may result in visions of whiny ghosts.

Guess the Gender! (Linda Dehnel-Snavely)

Male? Female? In the anime world, you can never be too sure! Come and test your knowledge of characters in the anime universe!

How to Build a Geekmunity! (DezGyrl, ShadowDash, KittenBell)

Have you ever wanted to create your own fandom based community, but didn't know where to start? Then this is the workshop for you! We will teach you how to structure a community, organize events, and get your group on the map!

How to Get Goku's Arms or Yoko's Waist (Brock, KayKay, Cody)

Have you tried training like Vegeta or Nozomi, but couldn't get the results you wanted? Let’s share the secrets of getting in shape and staying in shape. Come get advice on gaining or losing weight and getting in shape to feel great! There will also be a push-up contest, plank contest and wall sit-contest - winners will earn ribbons! The session will wrap up with a Q&A and everyone will leave with a pamphlet with a generalized workout for staying in shape.

How to Start Streaming & Podcasting! (James & Jim of Elbow Rocket)

Creating a podcast or streaming yourself playing video games to the whole internet sounds great, but it takes a few extra steps to make it something special that people will follow. We've been doing both for years and we'll help make you more famous than us! (Note: we're not!)

Introduction to Idol Anime (Nica Zuke/Megane Ghost Cosplay)

Do you like cute girls who sing, dance, and always do their best? Do you want to see everything they can do at school, on stage, and even in space?! Idol anime goes far beyond just Love Live! If you want to bring more cute idols you can love into your life, come attend this panel to learn all about 2-D idols and the many different series they star in! They sing, they dance — so please give them a chance!

Kimono 201: Kitsuke Demonstration (Hana Hanabi & Rebecca [The KC Kimono Chick])

The KC Kimono Club’s Hana & Rebecca return! Now that you know all about kimono, come learn how to actually put one on! The Kansas City Kimono club will show you how to dress from juban up, and how to tie knots for different levels of formality!

LGBT Representations in Anime and Manga (Nica Zuke/Megane Ghost Cosplay)

Finding characters that reflect LGBT identities in anime and manga isn’t an easy thing to do, and when we do find those characters, they often leave a lot to be desired. At this panel, we’ll talk about the good, the bad, and the REALLY bad representations of LGBT characters found in anime and manga.

Love Live! School Idol Class! (u's + Aqours!)

Nico nico nii! Welcome to Yazawa Nico's first-ever school idol class! Learn about school idols and ask u's and Aqours about their idol life!

Nintendo Switch: Hopes and Expectations (Drake Guzman)

The Switch is upon us this March, and Mario Jumpman Mario is here to give you the scoop on what to know on the Switch and expectations for the future of Nintendo as well historical facts to get you up to speed.

Old School Final Fantasy Part 4 (FF8) (Mike Tinsley, Cody Leal, Nickolas Mendoza)

While everyone has heard of Final Fantasy, many gamers have not played the original games in the Final Fantasy universe. My goal is to inform those interested in the older games and perhaps influence you to play these gems. I am proud to present Part 4, which will encompass Final Fantasy VIII. This panel is good for beginners as well as veterans to the series.

Pokémon Trivia Extravaganza (Charlsie Fowler, Audrey Anderson)

How much do you really know about Pokémon? Find out at Pokémon Trivia Extravaganza! All audience members will be able to participate and compete for Poké-prizes!

psycHOTic: Surviving your Violent Waifu (18+) (Kaosplay, RicePaddyProductions)

Is your lover a little too comfortable around sharp objects? Does she seem overly attached? Maybe she shows up to parties with big red stains on her clothes. If your waifu has a charming laugh and a taste for bloodshed, this survival guide is for you! We’ll teach you everything you need to know about yandere and yangire, then set you loose on an interactive dating simulation so you can practice what you’ve learned. By the time you leave, we guarantee you’ll stand a better chance of surviving your violent waifu!

Secrets of Studio Ghibli (Jon Voisey)

The animated films of Studio Ghibli are among the most well known of all anime. However, elements are often lost in translation. This panel explores those topics as well as other history and trivia of these films.

The Sports Anime Addiction (Laura, Courtney)

I like sports anime, you like sports anime, we all like sports anime - let’s talk about why! Similar characters, themes, and plots draw us into the world of sports teams and tight uniforms, but what else is there?

So you want to be Conrazzi? (DezGyrl, Jonathan Peterson)

In this workshop, we will teach you how to be a professional social personality! Whether you are a vlogger, podcaster, casual photographer, or just want to make the best of your con experience; we will teach you the tools of the trade and hold mock interviews to implement what you’ve learned.

So You Want To Write A Fanfic (18+) (Mellibell, Skiffy, Nuku-chan)

Come on, let's go and play! Well, in someone else's sandbox. We'll field your questions on the ins and outs of world building, character consistency, canon compliance, and when to throw it all out the window. We'll discuss familiar tropes, and why you should always have a beta reader who doesn't question the insanity of the premise. This isn't your library's story corner. Warning: there will be adult content, strong language, and some bizarre descriptions. All ships welcome.

Swap Meet 2017!! (James, Jim, Chelsea)

Have too many new trinkets and treasures to fit in the suitcase? Not digging your blind boxes? Bring 'em to the Swap Meet and trade with like-minded friends to come away with the best swag and loot! Trades only, with no money transactions, and no 18+ or illegal (could not be sold in the Vendor Room) items.

Super Happy Yaoi Funtime (18+) (Nuku-chan, Skiffy, ColdfireSerge, Mellibell)

Back (again) by popular demand (and we’d do it even if you told us not to), it is the SUPER HAPPY YAOI FUNTIME!! Come see the best and worst of yaoi! We’ll present two yaoi OVAs for your viewing pleasure, presented MST3K-style with hilarious commentary. Silly [possibly smexy :)] door prizes, and maybe something special — who knows?

Those WACKY Japanese Commercials! (Happy Sephy)

Ah, advertising. One of the world's best ways to get people to buy products. And no one does it better (or weirder) than the Japanese! Happy Sephy brings back his ever growing collection of Japanese commercials for the third year in a row!

Understanding Fukushima (Jon Voisey)

Millions of gallons of irradiated water dumped into the Pacific? Radioactive tuna? Starfish wasting syndrome? Censored scientists? Increased cancer rates? Mutant butterflies? The 2011 tsunami that struck the Fukushima nuclear reactor was one of the worst nuclear disasters in history, but how just how dangerous is it? Hear about the real science behind the hysteria.

Why You Should Be Watching New Japan Pro Wrestling (Sean)

New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) is home to some of the best wrestlers on the planet. 2016 saw a lot of changes for NJPW, after losing 4 of their top stars in January to the WWE was New Japan able to recover? What new stars were pushed in their absence? Learn about all this plus how you can easily watch the best wrestling on the planet.

You Ruined My Childhood R34 (18+) (Mike Tinsley)

Nothing is safe from Rule 34! Let us show you a selection of Rule 34 content that may either destroy or enrich your childhood. One thing is certain — there will be laughs and surprises in the 2017 Edition of You Ruined My Childhood, R34! Note: THIS IS A NSFW PANEL.