March 15–17, 2019
Overland Park Convention Center & Overland Park Sheraton Hotel

Fan Panels

What is a fan panel?

While guest panels feature industry professionals — voice actors, manga artists, cosplay pros, and industry experts — fan panels are run by passionate anime lovers and Japanophiles like yourself! Fan panels are created from the ground up by members of the Naka-Kon community and represent a very significant portion of the weekend’s programming, spanning a wide array of topics. Past fan panels have covered anime trivia, Japanese pro wrestling, cosplay, kimono, podcasting, and even conventions themselves...yet this is just scratching the surface of panel possibilities.

What are the perks of running a fan panel?

Up to three panelists per panel will receive $15 reimbursement per hour of panel time (not including prep time). Getting paid to showcase my favorite subject? Pinch me, I’m dreaming!

Which panels are selected?

Naka-Kon receives a lot of fan panel submissions each year. While we would love to allow everyone their moment in the spotlight, there are only so many rooms in the convention space, and only so many hours in the day. As such, we can only approve a limited number of submitted fan panels. Our programming team will review every submission and make selections based on the level of engagement and detail of the panel topic and the preparedness of prospective panelists. If you have questions, you can email

What makes a good panel?

Submitting a good fan panel greatly increases your chances of being selected. Here are some of the elements of an awesome panel:

  • Popularity: Of the topic, not the panelist, of course! How many fellow fans are likely to be interested in your panel subject?

  • Interactivity: Can your audience participate? Is there an open forum-style discussion? A game, perhaps?

  • Information: Not all panels need to be educational, but if you do intend to host an informative panel, how much will your audience learn?

  • Expertise: Are you a proven authority on the subject? For example: if your panel is about sushi and you have worked in a sushi lounge or are a sushi chef, you are poised to host a very interesting panel!

  • Preparedness: The more of a plan you have, the better. Having an agenda and your co-panelists set ahead of time is extremely beneficial.

What should I avoid?

On the flip side, here are some elements which can decrease your panel’s chances of being accepted:

  • Anything that violates convention rules, or has the potential to incite such violations from attendees.

  • Super “niche” topics: Remember, the purpose of Naka-Kon is to engage with and entertain the community. Panel topics which are unlikely to interest many attendees are not likely to be accepted. Alas, I’ll have to share my passion for moogle microfashion elsewhere…

  • Unrelated topics: There’s surely a convention for everything, however Naka-Kon is for anime, manga, and other aspects of Japanese culture.

  • Missing information: Try to fill out the panel submission form as completely as possible!

When do submissions close?

Submissions close on January 5, 2019 so make sure you get your panel submitted before then! Panelists will receive an email if their panel is approved. 

I think I’m ready, how do I apply?

If you're ready to submit a great panel that you'd like to host, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Fill out the panel submission form:

Submit Your Panel Here!

Please note: The panel submission form is not a space to pitch ideas for panels you'd like to see hosted. Please only complete the form if you plan to host the panel yourself. If you have ideas for panels you'd like to see, feel free to engage with your fellow fans on our Facebook page or in our Cosplay and Gaming groups. We also have Twitter