Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Naka-Kon?

Naka-Kon is an Overland Park, Kansas based anime convention. We celebrate Japanese animation and the influence anime has across the globe by educating people from all walks of life in many diverse facets of popular and traditional Japanese culture. Naka-Kon is run exclusively by volunteers and puts 100 percent of its resources into making the most out of the convention.

What does Naka-Kon mean?

"Naka" means "middle" or "center" in Japanese, and "Kon" is short for "convention." Naka-Kon translates to "middle convention", and was named to reflect its status as Kansas City's first anime convention.

Who runs Naka-Kon?

Naka-Kon was founded by members of the University of Kansas Anime Club, but is no longer directly affiliated with the club. Naka-Kon's all-volunteer staff is essentially composed of area anime fans.

How long has Naka-Kon been around?

The first Naka-Kon took place on April 17, 2005 in the University of Kansas Memorial Union in Lawrence, Kansas. It was a small, one-day event that was free of charge to all attendees and showcased workshops, events, and contests. Naka-Kon grew quickly and migrated to the Kansas City area to become more accessible to anime fans nationwide.

What is there to do at Naka-Kon?

Check out our Events section for an up-to-date listing of this year's events.


Cosplay Questions

What is cosplay?

Cosplay is a combination of the words 'costume play' where 'cosplayers', or costumers, wear anime character costumes. A large number of cosplayers showcase their costumes at Naka-Kon. Costumes from other genres, such as American cartoons, video games, TV shows, and Japanese fashion are also well-represented at Naka-Kon. We encourage all attendees to indulge in and show off their creative sides by wearing their costumes and cosplays for all to see!

What are the Cosplay Contest rules?

You can find them in the cosplay section.

What are the Hall Cosplay rules?

You can find them in the cosplay section.

What is the convention Dress Code?

You can find it in the rules section.


Programming Questions

Where is the programming schedule and when will it be finished?

The majority of conventions have their schedule completed one to two weeks before the convention, and Naka-Kon is no exception. Many schedule changes occur in the last month before the convention, so we will post the programming schedule once it is solid and every event has been confirmed.

How will I know if the schedule has been changed?

The Naka-Kon Web site and forums are the best places to get information about the convention. In the event of a schedule change, updated information will be posted in both places.

I want to lead a panel. What should I do?

Please fill out a panel submission form when it becomes available.

I have a great idea for a panel/event/workshop. What should I do?

You can offer suggestions on our forums.


Gaming Questions

I would like to bring in ____ to play/How come you don't have ____ to play?

If you would like to donate a game, TV, or system, please contact before the convention. If you want to make a last-minute addition, bring your equipment to the convention and contact a game room staff member for further instructions.

I need to pick up my donated stuff. Where did it go?

Game room staff will let you know how to retrieve your belongings at the time of donation.

I checked everywhere and still can't find my stuff. Where did it go?

Neither Naka-Kon nor the kon hotel are responsible for lost equipment. Please take this into consideration when donating items. We will have staff present in the game room at all times to ensure that items are not stolen.

To ensure the safe return of your equipment, clearly identify each piece as yours. Yes, this means adding markings or stickers to games and equipment that may have important or sentimental value, but it is necessary. If you haven't done so before the convention, we will provide a safe way to label your wares.

Is there a Tournament for ____? When does the ____ Tournament start? How do I sign up?

Tournament times will be included on the schedule events. Times and sign-up sheets will be available in the gaming room.

Why isn't there a ___ Tournament?

We attempt to hold tournaments for the most popular games at the convention. However, we cannot guarantee tournaments for all games, and we can't guarantee multiple tournaments for the same game or for multiple versions of games.

I can't seem to get this game to work. What do I do?

Please allow Kon staff to operate all systems, especially import games. Tampering with and abuse of equipment may result in your removal from the gaming room.

Some other general rules:

If you do donate a game, please realize that it will be used by everyone. If you don't want this to happen, simply don't donate (although we would all appreciate it if you do). Please don't bring in a game for only the time you will be in there, expect it to be put in over what's already being played, and then take it away when you are done.

If you have memory cards that can access locked sections of the game you are donating, please bring them with you. However, please have a backup of your data in case of data loss.

If you would like to bring a game but are not sure if it's allowed, please contact


Rules Questions

What is the weapons rule for the convention?

Weapons guidelines can be found here.

Were can I find all the other rules?

General rules can be found here.


Volunteer Questions

I want to volunteer. What should I do?

Please fill out the form in the Volunteers section or e-mail

What do I get for volunteering?

Volunteers can be reimbursed for their admission fee not to exceed amount paid to Naka-Kon for a badge. Naka-Kon will announce reimbursement compensation expectations as the convention nears.

How long can I volunteer?

There is no maximum time that you can volunteer, but if you do volunteer we ask that you work at least two hours.

What sort of things will I be doing?

We offer a variety of volunteer positions. The most common jobs are for badge checkers, convention security, and random helpers. We want to utilize our volunteers in the best way possible, so if you think you have special abilities that can be used in a particular area (e.g. 'I know how to operate a karaoke machine') be sure to mention when filling out the form.

What is the difference between volunteers and staff?

Staff members have more responsibility than volunteers do. Staff members are in charge of making sure that everything is going smoothly in their sector. Staff members are also required to participate in staff meetings that take place before the convention. In addition to these tasks, staff members get extra incentives that regular volunteers don't get. If you think you are qualified, visit the staff application page or e-mail and we can get you all the information you need.