General Rules

  1. Disruptive behavior is not allowed. Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to:
    • Fighting (real or fake).
    • Heckling.
    • Blocking hallways or walkways.
    • Throwing or brandishing weapons, props, or other items.
    • Overtly lewd, crass, or publicly sexualized behavior outside of 18+ panels.
    • Harassment of other attendees.
    • Sleeping or camping in the convention area or public hotel area.
    • Loitering in the elevator (elevator parties).
    • Public intoxication (real or fake).
    • Failure to observe basic hygiene practices.
    • Failure to adhere to the posted weapons policy or specific event rules.
    • Acting in a manner that is unsafe to yourself or others.
    • Failure to adhere to hotel policies or federal, state or local laws.
  2. Attendees must adhere to the dress code, which is posted online and printed in the convention program book. The dress code is unisex, and has been designed to ensure compliance with the requirements given to us by the Overland Park Convention Center. Cosplay attire is not exempt from the dress code requirements. Please refer to the dress code online before designing your costumes.
  3. No advertising or soliciting is allowed without written permission from the Convention Committee. To obtain permission to advertise at the convention, please visit the Information Desk in the pre-function area for more information. Anyone found posting materials on convention center or hotel property without permission will be removed from the convention. This includes, but is not limited to, hanging posters or handing out flyers.
  4. Signs brought by attendees are only allowed as part of a costume or cosplay. Any sign containing language determined by Naka-Kon to be foul, offensive, soliciting, or promoting merchandise of any kind is subject to removal or confiscation, even if done as part of a cosplay. This includes signs advertising "free hugs" and "hugs for a dollar" or similar offers. Any sign determined by Naka-Kon to be excessive in size or disruptive is subject to removal or confiscation.
  5. No alcohol is permitted in the convention area or hotel common areas. Smoking and vaping (the use of e-cigarettes/e-juice) are prohibited in all indoor areas. Underaged attendees found to be consuming alcohol will be removed from the convention and banned from returning the following year. Adult attendees found to be excessively intoxicated (stumbling, slurring, vomiting) will be removed from the convention and banned from returning the following year.
  6. No pets or animals except official working animals are allowed in the convention area. Working animals should be registered with the convention. Please contact Disabilities Services at for more information.
  7. Dressing as or otherwise impersonating a Naka-Kon staff member is strictly forbidden.
  8. You must wear your convention badge at all times to be admitted to any convention event or area. A badge does not guarantee entry to an event or autographs at any event. The convention is not responsible for lost, misplaced, or stolen badges. Naka-Kon will not issue refunds for any badge. State or federal identification may be required for entrance into events and must be provided in addition to the issued convention badge upon request.
  9. By wearing a badge to attend Naka-Kon Anime Convention, attendees are granting their permission to be photographed or recorded by individuals authorized by Naka-Kon Anime Convention and grant their permission for Naka-Kon to use such images or footage for archival or promotional purposes.
  10. Naka-Kon reserves the right to refuse sale of a badge, deny entry to any convention event or area, and/or revoke the badge(s) of anyone who refuses to abide by these rules. Attendees who are refused entry or whose badges are revoked by the Convention Committee are not entitled to a refund of the attendance fee.

Convention rules are subject to modification at the discretion of the Naka-Kon Japanese Cultural Education Association.