Kon Events

Join us for the games, contests and fun that are all part of our annual Kon Events programming.

Kon Events Story

Last year, Tomo’s companions were transported to Feudal Japan. When they got there they found Inari, Suzaku, and Tomo as a child. The Tomo they knew wasn’t there. They had to join forces with Suzaku, Inari, and the Yokai, Nurarihyon, to find her. Meanwhile Tomo found herself waking up to a retro nightmare in 1985 Kansas City…

Dear Diary… It's March already… About the time that Naka-kon usually happens… I miss my friends… I can’t believe I used to think of them as followers. It seems so long ago. Back then I didn’t have much to worry about, just spending time trying to make sure that each year Naka-kon was even better than the last one. Now it seems like I can’t go a year without some sort of trial. First Byakko, then Inari and Yamato to test me, then those Yokai possessed my friends.

Now I’m stuck in 1985! There are no smart phones; just those grody bricks they call phones. They can’t even txt! The tvs are huge and heavy and they only have like 24 channels. I guess that makes it easier to choose what to watch. Tape trading is weird, having to wait for the next one is so frustrating! Inari somehow has some newer stuff. He has a part time job to translate them, but he claims his English isn’t very good. I think he makes the phrases too literal to make it sound weird on purpose.

It’s almost time to get to work. At least it’s an arcade so it’s kind of fun. Inari is the manager there; he seems so different in this time. At least there isn’t much conflict right now. Where are my friends?

Inari is renting Tomo his spare room and she’s making friends. The story continues in this year’s comic. Tomo has to make the choice to return to her time, but does she have the courage to find her way home?

Kon Events

Tomo Tales: Mystery at the Sheraton

Tomo and her friends have to solve a mystery and they need your help. Something strange is going on and it has to be solved before the stroke of midnight. Are you up for the challenge?

Friendship Matsuri

Tomo’s friends want to remind her about all the fun she had with them in the past, er, future… Have an Outrageous time with our fantastic festival games. Win a fun little prize or bragging rights. All ages welcome!

Inari’s Agility Challenge

Keeping the body strong, strengthens the mind too. So Inari and Jen have challenged Tomo and her friends to test of agility. Compete against a friend or for your own best time.

Waltz Lessons

Are you going to the Ball and afraid of stepping on your date’s feet? Not to fret friends, join one of our two sessions to learn to waltz. This year we are proud to bring you two professional dance instructors. Terry and Colleen Cummings have been teaching in Wichita, KS for around 10 years and are excited to pass on their love of dance at Naka-kon.

Charity Ball

Naka-kon requests the honor of your presence at this year’s Charity Ball. Tickets are for sale at the special events ticketing area of Registration for $5. Proceeds will go to support our charity efforts.

Dance lessons will be provided on Friday and Saturday prior to the ball. Staff dancers will also be present to teach attendees how to waltz during the event.

Formal attire is required and is described below. Masks are not required. Read more here.