Kon Events

Our Kon Events programming track is an interactive storyline where you, our attendees, play a role! This is your chance to experience many facets of Japanese culture and have some fun along the way! From late-night ghost stories to a dry-land adaptation of the FFX mini-game Blitzball, our Kon Events offer something for everyone. Each year, the story progresses as our mascot, Tomo, continues on her quest to become a Kami worthy of Naka-Kon and its attendees. Her story is introduced in each year's manga (check out the 2017 story here) and at opening ceremonies on Friday, then concludes on Sunday at closing ceremonies!

2017 Kon Events Activities:

Charity Ball

Naka-Kon requests the honor of your presence at this year’s Charity Ball, held Saturday in Ballroom A/B. Tickets are $5 and available at the Merch Table outside Exhibit Hall B.  Proceeds will go to support our charity efforts.

Waltz Lessons

Are you going to the ball and afraid of stepping on your date’s feet?  Not to fret, friends — just pencil in a waltz lesson on your calendar.  This year we are proud to bring you two professional dance instructors.  Terry and Colleen Cummings have been teaching dance in Wichita for more than 10 years. They are excited to pass on their love of dance at Naka-Kon. The lessons are guaranteed to be Yokai-free!

Tomo’s Matsuri

Young Tomo is excited to arrange a matsuri for her friends.  She hopes you will join her, to help turn the Yokai from fiend to friend!  There will be traditional Japanese games of skill and chances to compete against other attendees. Not only will you have the opportunity to earn bragging rights, but you may even earn one of the amazing prizes the Yokai are bringing to the party.

Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai (the 100 Ghost Night)

Stay up late with Suzaku!  (Normally Tomo would host this event, but with the time-traveling, this Tomo has to be in bed early.)  Join Suzaku and Tomo’s friends for another Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai (the 100 Ghost Night).  It’s time to gather in the eerie glow of the candlelight to listen and share haunted tales from the land of the rising sun. How many tales will be told before the Ao-Andon awakens for a scary story rematch?  For each story told a light will be put out, but the lantern demoness will only admit defeat when the last light has been extinguished. You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?

Drydock Blitzball

The Kappa heard that we learned to play Drydock Blitzball last year, and decided to test us to see whether we’ve gotten any better. Bring your friends and test your athletic prowess! Drydock Blitzball is based on the popular mini-game from Final Fantasy X, and adapted for play on dry land.  
There will be a short orientation to explain the rules and get teams registered before the first round.  If you don’t have a team, that’s fine; meetup with others and form a team at orientation!

  • Teams will consist of 6 players: 1 goalie, 4 field players, and 1 to swap out.
  • The field is round with goals on opposite sides.
  • Each team will have 1 timeout per play period, lasting only 1 minute.
  • A game consists of two 5-minute play periods with 3 minutes of recovery at half time.
  • Highest score at the end of each round wins.

Yokai Celebration (Japanese Holidays)

Suzaku and the Miko, Chiori, are teaching young Tomo about different holidays, but some Yokai have crashed their party! It seems they think the holidays should be more exciting. Join Suzaku, Tomo, and their friends in learning about some Japanese holidays.  Now’s the perfect time to celebrate New Year’s Day, White Day, Children’s Day, Obon, and more! Try on a kimono and get your picture taken (bring your own camera) in front of a lovely spring background.

Naka-Kon Yokai-Dex Giveaway

Don't miss our Kon Events panels this year! Bring your program book to the events and collect stamps from the Yokai. Collect 5 stamps and then head to info desk to enter a raffle for free passes to Naka-Kon 2018! Collect 7 stamps and get two entries!

Naka-Kon Yokai-Dex Giveaway information.