Main Events

Opening Ceremonies (ASL Interpreting Available)

Don’t miss a moment of this year’s opening ceremonies! Along with your official welcome to the convention, we will be introducing guests, outlining events and going over important information. We’ll also kick off our interactive storyline, as Tomo’s followers attempt to unravel the mystery of their time-traveling trip to Feudal Japan and the young Tomo!


Please join the up-and-coming Japanese indie band RONDONRATS for their first ever performance in the United States! You can catch them live in Ballroom A/B on Friday evening and on Saturday before the cosplay contest. Check the schedule for times.

Late-Night Dance Parties

Not done with the night yet? On Friday and Saturday, come join your friends or make new ones at the dance party hosted by our guest DJs. Dress comfortably because with the tunes our DJs will be cranking out, you are sure to find a groove for your mood. Check the schedule for dance times.

A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY

A New World is back at Naka-Kon in 2017, bringing new sounds and old favorites. Experience an intimate take on classic FINAL FANTASY music in Ballroom A/B on Saturday.

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY, and A New World is celebrating with the music of game composers Nobuo Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta, and Hitoshi Sakimoto. Under the direction of acclaimed conductor Eric Roth, the New World Players will perform classic FINAL FANTASY music in spectacular arrangements for this smaller chamber ensemble. It’s a concert experience like none other, so don’t miss this year’s performance by A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY.

The Strongest Panel! (Charity Event)

Prepare for a true event of LEGEND! In The Strongest Panel, contestants shall participate in Naka-Kon’s very own ONE-PUNCH MAN WORKOUT! The competition is separated in class sections from C-class through S-class! The workout consist of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats! The first 3 to finish in each class will receive an actual medal!

  • C-class: 30 reps of each.
  • B-class: 50 reps of each.
  • A-class: 75 reps of each.
  • S-class: 100 reps of each.

All of the proceeds from the $10 entry fee will be donated to Naka-Kon’s official charities! So come get a good workout in, and have fun for a good cause!

Closing Ceremonies (ASL Interpreting Available)

Alas, even the magic of time travel can’t make Naka-Kon last all year long! Join us at Closing Ceremonies for find out our contest winners and other important information. Then, stick around to find out whether Tomo’s friends will finally make it home!

Kon Feedback (ASL Interpreting Available)

Naka-Kon is all about the attendee experience — which means we need to hear from you! Join us after Closing Ceremonies for a chance to talk with NakaKon’s directors about the high-points (and maybe the not-so-high-points) of 2017. We’ll be taking notes and using your comments to make Naka-Kon 2018 even better!