Fan panel from Naka-Kon 2016.
The hosts of Cosplay Combat, a fan panel from Naka-Kon 2016.

Host a Panel at Naka-Kon

At Naka-Kon, we love everything to do with Japan, pop culture, and fandom, but we know we’re not the only ones who feel that way. That’s why fan panels are such a big part of the convention: Along with our guest panels and official convention events, this is your chance to shine!

Are you fascinated by Japanese music, fashion, and pop culture? Dying to discuss all the complexities of your favorite anime or manga? Or maybe you’re a savvy cosplayer eager to share your knowledge with your fellow attendees?

We look for a diverse assortment of paneling topics, from new, noteworthy, and popular anime, manga, and video games to Japanese fashion, history, art, music, and more! We welcome a variety of formats for our panels as well.

How Do I Become a Panelist at Naka-Kon?

Easy: Submit your idea via our fan panel form by end of day December 15, 2016. We’ll review your idea and let you know whether you’ve been approved! Notifications will go out in January; we’ll send you a time and location for your panel when we’ve got a full tentative schedule.

Note: This is not a suggestion form! When you submit a panel idea, you’re also volunteering to organize and host it.

If you want to give us a suggestion for panels you’d like to see, leave a comment on our Facebook page or tweet it @nakakon.

Panelist Perks

Apart from the bragging rights, your name (real or preferred Internet handle) in our program book, and our deep gratitude, we also offer our panelists compensation: $15 per hour of paneling time! (Sorry, that doesn’t include prep time, rehearsals, or anything other than the time spent at the convention running your panel.)

Up to three people per panel are eligible for this reimbursement, because we know that putting on a panel is often a group effort! You’re welcome to have more people on your panel — but it’s up to you to work the compensation matter out for yourselves.

Got questions? You can contact us via Facebook (including Facebook Messenger) or Twitter.

Ready to apply? Submit your panel now.

Thanks so much for supporting Naka-Kon!