March 13–15, 2020
Overland Park Convention Center & Overland Park Sheraton Hotel

Fan Panels


Fan panels are always a core element of our programming each year at Naka-Kon, and we always appreciate the support from those who wish to host a fan panel.

For your panel submission to be eligible, you must submit this form no later than 11:59 p.m. CST on January 5, 2020. If you plan to host a panel with more than one person, only one person needs to submit the form. However, all panelist names must be included on the form.

Approved panelists will receive compensation for their time: $15 per hour of paneling time. This does not include setup time, breakdown time, or any practice or rehearsal time before the convention. Up to three panelists per each panel are eligible; however, you may have more than three people on your panel.

Any further questions about panels can be directed to

Apply Here

To apply complete and submit the form below:

Panel Host Application


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