Parent Resources

Naka-Kon prioritizes the safety of its attendees over all other considerations. We aim to provide a fun, safe environment for any child or teenager attending the convention. Please consult the following resources to ensure that you feel comfortable allowing your child to attend Naka-Kon.

Child Safety | Medical Care | Adult Programming | Dining Options | Disability Services | Contact

Child Safety

Naka-Kon enforces the following policies to ensure the safety of all children and teenagers in attendance.

Accompanying Your Child

To ensure the constant protection of your young child, we require that all children 12 years old and younger are accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.  “Guardian” refers to someone 18 years of age or older.

Naka-Kon staff are stationed throughout the convention, many of whom are equipped with communication radios. Nearby staff members will seek to reunite a separated child with their parent or guardian.

If you would prefer to accompany your teenager, you are not alone. Parents escorting their teenagers and their friends are a common sight at Naka-Kon, especially if the family traveled from outside the Kansas City area.

Conversely, parents have been known to drop their teenagers off at Naka-Kon for the day. If you wish to remain in Overland Park while your teenager attends the convention, consider visiting one of the locations recommended on the Destinations in Overland Park page.

In addition, there are several quiet places on site at the Overland Park Convention Center where you can recline and read a book. The lower level of the hotel offers a small lounge, and the first level features a quiet hallway between the convention center and the hotel.

If you have purchased a badge and are looking for a way to pass some time between events, why not volunteer for Naka-Kon? You can earn a partial refund on your badge in exchange. Sign up at the main info desk near Exhibit Hall A. More information about volunteering is available here.

Safety and Access Control

Our Access Control team, composed of Naka-Kon staff, works the duration of the convention to look after the safety of our attendees. This includes managing our Disability Services, providing line control for larger events, and maintaining the rules set forth by the convention — which includes enforcing dress code regulations and the weapons policy.  For more information on these policies, refer to the Kon Rules page.

Emergencies, medical or otherwise, are handled by the Overland Park Convention Center and Sheraton security staff.  Off-duty police officers are on site for certain larger events and in the Vendor Room.


To ensure the safety and happiness of all attendees, Naka-Kon is committed to a strict code of conduct seeking to prevent all forms of harassment. Naka-Kon staff are stationed throughout the convention and will be on the lookout for any activity requiring intervention. We also highly encourage our attendees to report any harassment they witness or experience.

For more information on Naka-Kon’s harassment policy, refer to the Harassment Policy page.


Medical Care

If your child requires medical care while attending Naka-Kon, the following options are available.


Although Naka-Kon staff are not allowed to administer medical attention directly to your child, a first-aid kit is available for the use of all attendees at the Access Control headquarters (Redbud in the Sheraton).

If the provided first-aid kit does not suffice for your child’s medical care, you can visit the closest pharmacies at the following locations:

  • CVS Pharmacy: 9501 Nall Ave, Overland Park, KS 66207

  • Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market: 10303 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS 66212

  • Walgreens: 4701 Town Center Dr, Leawood, KS 66211

The Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market and Walgreens stores are accessible at the “103rd and Metcalf - East” and “Town Center Plaza” stops, respectively, on the Overland Park Convention and Visitor Bureau  Shuttle Bus Service.

Medical Emergencies

If your child sustains a serious medical emergency while at Naka-Kon, EMS will be on site to attend to the injury and  the child’s emergency contact will be notified immediately.  If you are present at the Overland Park Convention Center, you can drive your child to Children’s Mercy Hospital, located just next door. If no parent or guardian is available or if the emergency requires professional medical transportation, a staff member will call an ambulance.


Adult Programming

Unlike most American animation and comics, Japanese anime and manga target a wide range of audiences, including adults. Because Naka-Kon caters to fans of all genres of anime, certain fan panels and events are marked with an 18+ rating in the convention materials. Our staff is on hand at the entrance to these 18+ panels and will not admit entrance to attendees who cannot provide an ID proving that they are at least 18 years old.

In addition, Naka-Kon enforces a dress code restricting attendees from wearing especially revealing clothing or partial nudity.

For more information on Naka-Kon’s dress code, refer to the Kon Rules page.


Dining Options

Naka-Kon provides several dining options within the convention center and at the Sheraton hotel, so your child does not need to leave the premises for meals. In addition, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan entrées are available on site.

We also provide local shuttle routes that allow access to nearby restaurants and grocery stores. The Prairiefire shopping and restaurant district is accessible via shuttle bus. We recommend accompanying your child if they want to purchase a meal off site. For more information on shuttle routes, refer to the Shuttle Info page.

For more information regarding the dining options available at Naka-Kon, refer to the Dining Options page.


Disability Services

Naka-Kon has created a Disability Services sector to address the needs of our attendees with mobility, hearing, and sight impairments. Adults, teenages, or children with disabilities who need accessibility aids or require a service animal are encouraged to register with the Disability Services table in Exhibit Hall A in the Overland Park Convention Center.  Hours for Disability Services will be the same as for Registration. 

The Disability Services table is located in Exhibit Hall A (the Registration Hall) of the Convention Center near the exit and next to Weapons Check.

For more information, view the Disability Services page.


Contact Information

If you have any additional questions or concerns about whether Naka-Kon is safe or appropriate for your child, you are welcome to contact our customer relations staff at

If you have any questions or concerns related to the safety of your child during the convention itself, you can visit the info desk outside Exhibit Hall A, or Con Ops in the Linden Room on the lower level of the Sheraton Hotel.