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At-Convention Badge Sales

How to Pay at the Door

When buying a badge during the convention, you may pay for your badge by cash or credit card. No personal checks can be accepted. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Look for the "Badge Sales" line in the Registration area.

Please remember, you will also be able to purchase your badge on our Eventbrite page during the convention. Pre-purchasing  your badge will shorten how much time you must spend in line, so we recommend that those who plan to pay by credit card take advantage of this feature. If you pay for your badge online, look for the "Will Call" line in the Registration area.

Lost Badges

Your badge is valuable and it is your responsibility to keep it secure. Naka-Kon will not refund or replace badges that are lost or stolen. Attendees who lose their badges must purchase a replacement badge to re-enter the convention.

Ticketed Events

Some activities such as the Maid Cafe and Formal Gala are not included in the price of convention badges, and tickets for these events must be purchased separately.