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Registration FAQ

Are badge refunds available?

All sales are final and we do not offer refunds no matter the reason. Although purchasing pre-registration badges does save you money, we recommend that you wait to purchase the badge until you are sure that your schedule and finances will work out for that weekend.

What is the difference between the badge sales "Tiers"?

The Registration Tiers indicate the pricing of the various membership badges. Badges sold in earlier Tiers cost a bit less than the same badge sold closer to the convention. This is to encourage early registration, which helps Naka-Kon staff to better plan logistics and so forth.

What if I lose my badge?

Your badge is valuable and it is your responsibility to keep it secure. Naka-Kon will not refund or replace badges that are lost or stolen. Attendees who lose their badges must purchase a replacement badge to re-enter the convention.

Where and when can I pick up my badge?

You can pick up your badge at the Registration Will Call desk during the convention.

My friend asked me to pick up/purchase their badge. What do I need to bring?

You may pick up pre-registration badges for other people with a front and back photocopy of your friend's ID (drivers license or state issued photo ID) and a copy of their Eventbrite confirmation message.

You may also purchase badges for friends at Naka-Kon with a front and back photocopy of their ID.

Can a Teen (ages 13-17) brother/sister/friend serve as escort for a child 12 or under?

No. Children age 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult who is age 18 or older and has a convention badge. The adult escort must be present when the child badge is picked up at registration.

Are group registration specials available?

Group discounts will be available online until March 11, 2020. No group registrations will be available after that date. Group discount registrations are available for groups of seven or more attendees. All group badges must be purchased at the same time. Members of groups must pick up their own individual badges, using the regular Will Call line. The exception to this rule would be for groups that have applied for and been accepted to participate in the Educational Discount program.

I am registered as part of a group, can I pick up just my badge?

Group members MUST pick up badges individually. The exception to this rule is members of Educational Discount groups. Education group badges can only be collected by a designated group member. 

I have 6 people (or less) in my group. Can I still get a group discount?

No. Group discounts are only available for 7 people or more. All group registrations must be made at the same time.

What are ticketed events?

Some activities such as the Maid Cafe, Charity Ball, Lolita Tea Party and Food and Sake´ Events are not included in the price of convention badges, and tickets for these events must be purchased separately.

When are the deadlines for pre-registration?

  • Pre-registration Tier One closes Sept. 30, 2019
  • Pre-registration Tier Two closes Dec. 31, 2019
  • Pre-registration Tier Three closes Feb. 29, 2020
  • Pre-registration for VIP Membership closes Jan. 12, 2020, or when all VIP memberships are sold.
  • Online Registration will continue during the convention. Purchasing badges on line should considerably reduce your wait time in registration lines.

I have pre-registered,will I get my membership badge in the mail?

No. We do not mail badges. Please come to the Registration Will Call table in the OPCC Exhibit Hall A to collect your badge.

I have pre-registered, why haven't I gotten an e-mail confirmation message yet?

Confirmation e-mail messages are sent automatically to the e-mail addresses given on the Eventbrite online registration form. However, if this address is undeliverable due to typos, closed accounts and other issues the confirmation will not go through. When you register, make sure you give us a working e-mail address where we can contact you. If  you register and do not receive an Eventbrite confirmation e-mail message contact us at

Why aren't the badges cheaper?

Each badge allows the holder to experience a full weekend or full day of activities and events. Professional sporting and entertainment events with similar or higher prices may only last two to three hours, and not have as wide a spectrum of activities. In addition, all badge purchases go directly to funding the convention to pay for hotel space, purchasing panel and event equipment, and accommodating special guests. Badge costs for each year are based on the cost of running the convention and the number of people expected to attend. To save a few dollars, we highly recommend that attendees pre-register.

All I really want to go to is the [place your choice of event/area here]. Can I just pay for that and not pay for the full badge?

No. This would cause many challenges in both the production and operation of the convention. We understand that the value of a badge and what one can get out of it will change from person to person. However, we highly recommend that you attend other panels and events. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Can I give or sell my badge to someone else?

You may give or sell your badge to someone who can attend, but you must request a Badge Transfer form from Naka-Kon Registration, then submit the completed form so we can transfer the registration. If the transfer is not in our records, the recipient will not be able to pick up the badge. No badge transfers can be accepted after February 22.

The FAQ section didn't have the answer to my question. Who should I contact?

Please e-mail Naka-Kon Registration at