Musical Guests: Rondonrats

We are pleased to announce this year's first musical guests, Rondonrats! Formed in Hiroshima, Japan, Rondonrats is a five-piece melodic rock band, featuring a twin guitar lead. Naka-Kon will mark the band's first performance in the United States!


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Vocals: Mamiko

Guitar: Kouta

Guitar: Tetsu

Bass: KJ

Drum: Sera


Album Release History

2007: 1st mini album, "Gameron"

2009: 2nd mini album, "ADDICTION"

2011: 1st full album, "BEAUTIFUL"

2012: Cover album, "PUNK EATS GIRL POP"

2012: 3rd mini album, "COSMIC CITY"

2013: 4th mini album, "DIMENSION TRIP"

2014: 5th mini album, "eat sorrow and happiness"

2016: 6th mini album, "FEVER"

Every single mini and full album released has reached number 1 at Tower Record Stores, one of the major CD/music retail chains in Japan.

Collaboration Work

2011: Kanjani Eight, "Hi & High," lyrics and music by RONDONRATS.

Live History

  •      ADDICTION TOUR 2009-2010
  •      BEAUTIFUL TOUR 2011
  •      COSMIC CITY TOUR 2012
  •      DIMENSION TRIP TOUR 2013-2014
  •      FEVER TOUR 2016

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