Sake Tastings

Saké is an iconic part of Japan's culinary heritage, and it's one that plenty of otaku enjoy as well! But can you tell the difference between one saké and the next? Do you know how it's made? Our tasting panels are the perfect opportunity for you to improve your knowlege -- and your palette. 

Join Ben Bell, an Advanced Saké Professional, as he presents saké and delicious foods from Japan — all with the goal of making you as comfortable as a true saké and Japanese cuisine-geek when ordering your next bottle!

This year, we are offering two 2 saké tasting sessions, as well as 2 food pairing/tasting sessions. Stay tuned for information about the menu! 

The saké to be sampled this year includes:

  • Hakushika Tanuki
  • Tozai Snow Maiden Nigori 
  • Nanbu Bijin Southern Beauty Junmai Ginjo 

Tickets are $10 for saké tastings, $25 or the food pairing/tastings. Tickets will be sold online, with any remainder available before the start of the event.

Please note, this year the saké tastings will take place at the Courtyard Marriott/Convention Center.