The Sheraton Hotel

Adjoining the Overland Park Convention Center is the Sheraton Hotel. In addition to hotel rooms, it offers plenty of panel space on the lobby and lower levels. The hotel is just as much a part of Naka-Kon as the Overland Park Convention Center!

The lover level of the Sheraton Hotel where you’ll find our the Leatherwood and Maple rooms, our screenings rooms, as well as the Kon Ops office, Lost and Found, and Access Control office. Up the escalator and you’ll reach the hotel lobby and the Cottonwood rooms. Be sure to stop by the op1906 bar and grill to check out the special event menu, or grab a snack at the Link café.

Head across the covered walkway from the lobby level and you’ll reach the main level of the Overland Park Convention Center. The lower level of the Sheraton connects via a closed hallway to the Courtyard level at the OPCC.

Accessing the Sheraton hotel is simple. The hotel’s lobby entrance is located on College Boulevard, in the same circle drive that provides access to the convention center. The lower level of the Sheraton opens onto the courtyard and is accessible via the parking lot behind the convention center.

Want to book a room in Naka-Kon’s hotel block at the Sheraton? Check out hotels page for more info about reservations and pricing.