Contact Us

If you have a question or concern, you can contact us by email. The list below has some suggestions for which sector to contact for questions regarding specific topics.

Access Control

For questions regarding convention rules, dress code, safety or line control.
Questions regarding props and weapons should be addressed to Access Control.

Accessibility Services

For questions regarding any accommodations needed during the convention, or regarding accessibility needs.


For questions regarding any charity work that Naka-Kon does.

Community Outreach & Education

For questions on how to partner your organization with Naka-Kon for the purpose of education and community support.

Kon Events

For questions regarding Naka-Kon themed events (Charity Ball, donation shrines, etc.).


For questions related to cosplay events and rules at Naka-Kon..

Event Tickets

For information about how to purchase and pick-up tickets for Naka-Kon ticketed events (Charity Ball, Maid Cafe, Lolita Tea Party, etc.).


For questions regarding the game rooms at Naka-Kon.


For questions regarding our guests of honor, autographs, or anything guest-related.

Human Resources

For questions, comments or complaints regarding staffers, or the staff application process.

Info Desk

For general questions about Naka-Kon during the convention..


For questions regarding advertising/sponsorships with Naka-Kon, social media pages, or convention swaps.


For general convention questions or if you are unsure which sector might be able to answer your question.

Press Relations

For questions regarding press credentials and media contacts..


For questions regarding programming, hosting programming/panels, or Naka-Kon events.


For questions/issues regarding the registration process, badge sales or pick-up, or VIP badges.


For questions regarding anime screenings at Naka-Kon.


For questions related to AV needs or other technological requirements at Naka-Kon.


For questions regarding volunteering (not staffing) at Naka-Kon, or reimbursement for volunteer hours.


For issues/questions regarding the website.