March 13–15, 2020
Overland Park Convention Center & Overland Park Sheraton Hotel

Tomo's Locker Policies

Need a place to stash your Vendor loot? Backpack jamming up your cool dance moves? Tomo’s Locker can hoard your hoard while you enjoy Naka-Kon!

Hours & Location:
Located in Birch near the Sheraton pool
Friday 10am - 3am
Saturday 8am - 3am
Sunday 8am - 4pm

Rates & Fees
A rate of $5.00 per every 4-hour increment per qualified bag1
Late fees are $5.00 per 4-hour increment per qualified bag2

Live weapons CANNOT be stored by Naka-Kon.3
A bag may be claimed after loss of badge.4
A bag may be claimed by a third party in an emergency.5
A bag may be claimed after Sunday and the convention is over.6

Attendee assumes all liability for the quality and condition of bags deposited into Tomo’s Locker. Tomo’s Locker is not liable for any stolen, damaged, or lost bags that are checked into its care; however, we take several measures to ensure all bags are safe and secure.

1 A qualified bag
Must be securely closed (backpack) or taped shut (Vendor bag) with nothing attached or spilling out. (i.e. water bottle in the outside holder)

2 Late fees
Applicable late fees will be charged at the time of check out.
Unpaid late fees will result in loss of future use of Tomo’s Locker.
Late fees may be paid at any time to regain use of Tomo’s Locker.

3 Live Weapons
Anything not permitted at Naka-Kon as per Access Control Weapons Policy.

4 Claiming after loss of badge
Please have ready:
photo ID
photo or description of bag
No additional fee will be charged for this service.

5 Emergency third party check out
The third party must be able to:

  • confirm the owner’s badge number
  • confirm the owner’s phone number and/or email address
  • describe the bag and its contents

No additional fee will be charged for this service.

6 End of the Convention
Any bag left after the convention ends will be turned over to the Overland Park Sheraton. Please contact the front desk at 913-234-2100.


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