Do you want to get your hands dirty? Play a part in the greatness that is Naka-kon? Volunteer! We’re looking for help throughout the weekend.

Some of your options include...

  • Badge check! Monitor the doors to panels, showings, and the Vendor room, and keep an eye out for ninjas attempting to infiltrate Naka-kon.
  • Info Desk! Do you know everything there is to know about Naka-kon? Volunteer at the info desk. Give directions, help with schedules, and calmly explain to passers-by exactly what is going on here.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers must be over 16 years of age. The must be friendly, helpful, reliable, and ready to work to make Naka-kon a wonderful experience for everyone.

Volunteers who work for more than four hours will be refunded one quarter of their badge price. Volunteers who work for eight hours or more will be refunded one half of their badge price.

Volunteers must present their badge to redeem their hours. Volunteers who won free badges at one of our promotional events will not be eligible for a refund.

I want to volunteer. What should I do?

Please fill out a volunteer form, e-mail volunteers@naka-kon.com or come visit the volunteer desk at Naka-Kon.

What is the difference between volunteers and staff?

Staff members have more responsibility than volunteers do. Staff members are in charge of making sure that everything is going smoothly in their sector. Staff members are also required to participate in staff meetings that take place before the convention. In addition to these tasks, staff members get extra incentives that regular volunteers don't get. If you think you are qualified, visit the staff application page or e-mail info@naka-kon.com and we can get you all the information you need.