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Tickets and hotel rooms are now available for Naka-Kon 2022!
Get your convention tickets and event tickets!

Trying to find out when something is? Visit the the Convention Hours page. It's got links to all the schedules and the app too.

Naka-Kon is an annual three-day convention, celebrating anime, manga, cosplay, music, fashion, gaming, and more! Every year, we bring your favorite voice actors, musicians, cosplayers, artists, designers, and industry experts to the Overland Park Convention Center. Catch guest panels and performances, be part of our cosplay competitions, enter contests, and learn about working in the anime, manga, and music industries.

Schedule Information

May 25, 2022

Hi Nakama! It's almost time for Naka-Kon 2022. With all that's going on this year, you might need a few charts or summaries to reference and find what you need. First off, we have early badge pickup today (Wednesday) and tomorrow (Thursday) 6pm to 9pm.

What about when is the vendor hall, registration, or prop checks open? We now have our convention hours for different services available on our Convention Hours Page.

Naka-Kon News

May 22, 2022

Only 500 badges are left for this weekend's Naka-Kon 2022! All Maid Cafe session tickets are sold out!

Register now! 

Please read our COVID safety policy to understand the requirements to attend.

Naka-Kon News

May 18, 2022

Naka-Kon 2022 is coming next week! Friendly reminder that you need 2 documents to pick up your badges:

  1. Your 2022 registration confirmation email from Eventbrite.
  2. Your vaccine record that shows you have received the base and booster dose OR negative COVID test administered by a healthcare provider.

Additional information about vaccine and testing requirements can be read here

Naka-Kon News

May 24, 2022

Interested in going to one of our 18+ Wristband events?

Great! Just a quick reminder during the crazy Pre-Kon days that you will need to pick up your 18+ Wristband PRIOR to the time of the 18+ Panels on the day of the panel you want to see. Friday wristbands count for Friday only and Saturday for Saturday only.

Wristbands available in the Access Control office, Redbud, Sheraton 12pm-9pm Friday and 10am-9pm Saturday. Info desk will also have them available.

2022 Schedule is Here

May 20, 2022

The Much Desired Schedule™ has finally arrived! Check it out and start planning your weekend. Also remember to check the schedule before events begin for any updates.

2022 Schedule

Naka-Kon News

May 20, 2022

We are excited to have the many awesome vendors, artists, exhibitors, and guests of honors joining our Exhibit Hall this year. To see them and the hall's hours visit the Exhibit Hall page.

Naka-Kon News

May 18, 2022

Hi Nakama! In light of the recent FDA Authorization for the COVID-19 Vaccine booster for ages 5-11, we wanted to provide some clarification to our policy.

Only attendees 12 years of age or older are required to have the booster under our policy. For children aged 5-11, they will be considered fully vaccinated under our policy so long as they have completed the base course of the vaccine.

Review our full policy at here.

Naka-Kon News

May 15, 2022

Attention: we have less than 1,000 badges available for purchase, and they are going fast! 

Friendly reminder that we are capping our convention this year at 6,000 badges, and we do have face mask and vaccine requirements which can be read at our COVID Safety Policy.

Visit the registration page to purchase your badge!

2022 Ticketed Events Announcement

May 8, 2022

Nakama! We have several events at Naka-Kon 2022 that will require additional tickets to be purchased to attend:

  • Maid Café
  • Charity Ball
  • Byakko’s Kimodameshi
  • Cos-lesque! (18+ Event)

Tickets to the events will go on sale online the evening of this coming Tuesday, May 10, 2022. Details on the events and links will be made available here.


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