Join Us for Naka-Kon 2017

  • Robbie Daymond, voice of Prompto in FFXV and Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon, is coming to Naka-Kon 2017! In addition to these roles, Robbie has also voiced characters in anime such as One-Punch Man and Sword Art Online II, as well as video games such as Persona 5 and Tales of Zestiria. Read more

  • Rondonrats

    We are pleased to announce this year's first musical guests, Rondonrats! Formed in Hiroshima, Japan, Rondonrats is a five-piece melodic rock band. Read more and check out their videos!

  • Join us in welcoming award-winning voice actor David Vincent. David is an award-winning voice actor and producer based in Los Angeles. He’s given voice to hundreds of animation/anime episodes and video game titles, as well as made guest star appearances on TV shows such as The Mentalist and NCIS. Read More.

  • Showshow Kurihara

    We are honored to announce renowned manga artist Showshow Kurihari as a guest for Naka-Kon 2017. Kurihara-sensei has amassed an impressive body of work including manga art, album cover art, game character design and many other commercial art projects. Read more.

  • Tei Ogata is a mangaka from Osaka, Japan. He is also a teacher, providing lessons to aspiring young manga artists on how to improve their drawing and storytelling skills. Read more.

  • The Lolita Fashion Show is always a popular feature at Naka-Kon. Would you like to participate as a model in the Lolita fashion show? Read More
  • Naka-Kon is happy to announce "A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY" will perform Saturday, March 11, at 11 a.m. in the Overland Park Convention Center Ballroom. Read More

  • Dance Party Lights
    Dance Party lights, music and energy combine to make a good way to wrap up a day at Naka-Kon.
  • Learn how you can help make Naka-Kon better than ever. Have fun. Make friends. And get some money back on your badge! Read more ».


Naka-Kon is an annual three-day convention, celebrating anime, manga, cosplay, music, fashion, gaming, and more!

Every year, we bring your favorite voice actors, musicians, cosplayers, artists, designers, and industry experts to the Overland Park Convention Center. Catch guest panels and performances, be part of our cosplay competitions, enter contests, and learn about working in the anime, manga, and music industries.

We’re thrilled to provide a truly Japanese experience, including not just anime, manga, and cosplay, but also culture. Naka-Kon brings Japan to the Midwest in an authentic way, from panels about language, food, and the symbolism behind your favorite stories to saké tastings and cultural festivals. We also host a variety of fan panels, so you can celebrate the fandoms you love with people just like you!

Each year also brings an interactive story event where you, the attendees, play a role. Don’t miss out on a ton of fun with special events and live performances!


Make a Difference! Join Our Team

It takes a lot more than a love of anime to plan a convention, especially one as big as Naka-Kon! As a nonprofit, we rely entirely on volunteers to plan everything and bring the convention to life. And our volunteers have an amazingly diverse set of skills and interests!

But first:

Why Volunteer for Naka?

Staff Goodies!
  1. The perks are pretty awesome! First, you get a free badge. You also get a free T-shirt, access to our staff den for meals, and access to the post-Kon dead dog party, for starters. Check out the full list of perks here.
  2. You’ll make new friends. Many of our volunteers come back year after year. It’s kind of like getting a giant convention family where everyone looks out for one another.
  3. It’s great resume experience. Seriously. Whether you’re looking for your first job or hoping to augment some specific skills, we’ve got a volunteer role that will make your resume stand out.
  4. Your job might reward you. We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so if your employer has a program that rewards you for volunteering — or even reimburses you for your time — there might be even more incentives to volunteer.

How Do I Fit Into Naka?

We’re looking for staff and convention assistants (CAs) to help out in several sectors. Both positions require you to be at least 18 years old. CAs commit to 20 hours at-Kon, while staff contribute 40 hours before and during Kon. (Staff also get a spot in our hotel block as part of their perks.) Here are just some of the teams looking for more help!

Registration (staff and CA): Because they’re the ones who give our attendees their badges, it’s safe to say registration is an absolutely crucial part of the convention. It’s also the sector with the most diverse needs! Registration is looking for people who can help manage lines, guide people to where they need to be, and manage badge pickups, among other duties. We can also use some help with data entry! 

Access Control (staff and CA): Our access control team works hard during the convention to ensure that everyone is safe! That includes checking weapons and props, patrolling the floor, and checking badges at various events. We’re not going to lie: This can be a stressful position for some. But it’s also very rewarding, and definitely makes for a great resume line or two. Above all else, we’re looking for level-headed people with strong communication and customer service skills.

Staff Den (staff and CA): Are the the “mom friend” of your social circle? Do you have a compulsive need to feed people? Do you understand the basics of safe food handling? If so, our staff den needs you! Staff den is where our CAs and staff can get breakfast, lunch and dinner at no charge — and yes, that means real food and healthy snacks, plus a steady stream of caffeine.

Maid Café (CA only): Our Maid Café is a hugely popular event each year — and we’re looking for more maids and butlers to participate! If you love to entertain and look after people, and you have a costume lying around, this could be a great fit! Because our maid café is only one day, the team also helps out in other sectors during the convention.

Info Desk (CA only): If you know your way around Naka and don’t mind helping people find their way, info desk is for you! Attendees visit our info desk to find out more about certain events, to find panel rooms, and get all kinds of other assistance. You’ll have to be able to handle the noise of the convention floor and occasionally guide someone through the crowd to get where they need to be, but if you love to help people, this is a great fit.

How Do I Apply?

Applying for staff or CA positions at Naka is very easy! Just head over to the staff page on our website and click the “Staff Application” button. On the application, mark the sectors you are most interested in helping out!

Our volunteers are absolutely crucial to Naka-Kon’s success — and to make the convention even better, we need to expand that team! Whether you’re just looking for a way to meet new people or want to enhance your resume, joining the Naka-Kon team will help you reach your goal.

Got questions? Wondering if you could put some specialized skills to use? Tweet us @NakaKon or message us on Facebook! We’re always happy to help.

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Sold Out

The Naka-Kon 2017 room block at the Holiday Inn is sold out. Closer to the convention, some individual rooms may open up due to cancellations. Please contact the hotel directly to inquire about any room openings. Don't forget to check out our overflow hotels for additional room blocks. Read More


Rondonrats to Perform

We are pleased to announce this year's first musical guests, Rondonrats! Formed in Hiroshima, Japan, Rondonrats is a five-piece melodic rock band. Read more and check out their videos!. Read More

Guest Artist: Amelie Belcher

Guest Artist: Amelie Belcher

Amelie Belcher returns to Naka-Kon with her very popular art panels where she secretly sneaks art education into people’s minds by hiding it under all the hilarity.
For more information, visit this link.



Doubletree Block Expanded

Got your hotel room for Naka 2017 yet? The Doubletree by Hilton has expanded its room block for the convention! We've also got some rooms left at the Hyatt Place and Holiday Inn. Want to know more?
For more information, Check out our overflow hotel page..

Hilton Garden Inn Room Block Sold Out

Hilton Garden Inn Room Block Sold Out

The Naka-Kon room block at the Hilton Garden Inn is sold out. Closer to the convention, some individual rooms may open up due to cancellations. Please contact the hotel directly to inquire about any room openings. Don't forget to check out our overflow hotels for additional room blocks. Read More

Press Badge Applications Available

Press Badge Applications Available

Naka-Kon is now accepting applications from journalists, bloggers, and other content creators who would like press badges. The deadline for application is February 7, 2017.
For more information, visit this link.


Lolita Fashion Show Models

Lolita Fashion Show Models

Would you like to participate as a model in our Lolita fashion show?
The fashion show will take place Saturday, March 11, about 7 p.m., during the cosplay competition.
Visit this link for more information and to submit an application.