• Critical Hit
  • Maid Cafe Staff
    The maids and butlers who staffed the 2017 Naka-Kon Maid Cafe´.
  • Dance
  • Nobuo Uematsu
  • Lolita Fashion
  • Drums
  • Critical Hit
  • Earthbound Papas
  • dance party lights


Naka-Kon 2016 is wrapped! We'll see you for Naka-Kon 2017 on March 10-12 at the Overland Park Convention Center!


Naka-Kon is an annual 3-day convention, celebrating anime, manga, cosplay, music, fashion, gaming, and more!

Every year, we bring your favorite voice actors, musicians, cosplayers, artists, designers, and industry experts to the Overland Park Convention Center. Catch guest panels and performances, be part of our cosplay competitions, enter contests, and learn about working in the anime, manga, and music industries. 

We’re thrilled to provide a truly Japanese experience, including not just anime, manga, and cosplay, but also culture. Naka-Kon brings Japan to the Midwest in an authentic way, from panels about language, food, and the symbolism behind your favorite stories to saké tastings and cultural festivals. We also host a variety of fan panels, so you can celebrate the fandoms you love with people just like you!

Each year also brings an interactive story event where you, the attendees, play a role. Don’t miss out on a ton of fun with special events and live performances!