March 15–17, 2019
Overland Park Convention Center & Overland Park Sheraton Hotel

Join Us for Naka-Kon 2019

Naka-Kon is an annual three-day convention, celebrating anime, manga, cosplay, music, fashion, gaming, and more! Every year, we bring your favorite voice actors, musicians, cosplayers, artists, designers, and industry experts to the Overland Park Convention Center. Catch guest panels and performances, be part of our cosplay competitions, enter contests, and learn about working in the anime, manga, and music industries.

This Year's Theme

In Japan, Spring is a time of new beginnings. With the end of a cold winter, the start of a new school year, cherry blossom festivals, and more, Spring is a time to start anew.

Naka-Kon has seen many changes over the years, allowing us to evolve and grow in our fifteen years of existence. Some long time members of our community might remember that we started out as a small tabling event held by the University of Kansas Anime Club. In the last five years alone, Naka-Kon has become a 501(c)3 non-profit, joined the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce, established a scholarship for local residents in Japanese studies, and brought in over 10,000 attendees for a whirlwind weekend. Much like Spring, Naka-Kon is springing into a new year, and a new beginning.

With this in mind, Naka-Kon is pleased today to announce the convention theme for 2019.
Naka-Kon: 青春 -aoharu- in bloom.

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Note: Because of all the missed school days due to winter weather,
the deadline for Group Registrations has been extended to Feb. 28!

Honored Guests

Satomi Akesaka

Satomi Akesaka is a voice actress from Saitama, Japan, best known for her Japanese voice roles...
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Aya Kamiki

Aya Kamiki is a Japan Gold Disk Award-winning singer, actress and model. In 2003, she released...
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Amelie Belcher

Amelie Belcher is an award-winning artist, painter, art instructor, comic creator and pod cast...
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Kara Edwards

Kara Edwards is a professional voice actor known for her young, fresh sound and wide range of...
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Ryuzou Ishino

Naka-Kon is proud to welcome Ryuzou Ishino as a guest of honor for our 2019 convention! Ishino...
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Jād Saxton

Jād (jade) Saxton is a voice actor and ADR Director with over 150 roles in...
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Roland Kelts

Roland Kelts is the author of the critically acclaimed and bestselling book, Japanamerica...
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Billy Kametz

Billy Kametz is an actor from Hershey, Pennsylvania who now lives...
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Kristen McGuire

Kristen McGuire is a professional voice actor, ADR director, and script adapter for Funimation...
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Metamorphose temps de fille, founded in the late 1980s, is one of the best known brands of the...
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AWR Music Productions is proud to present a new video...
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OneOddHuman (Sam) is a St. Louis-based cosplayer who sees the hobby as the...
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Keith Silverstein

Keith Silverstein is a veteran voice actor with an impressive and diverse list of credits. He’...
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Alejandro Saab

Alejandro Saab is a professional voice actor and influencer with over 480,000+ subscribers and...
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Longtime attendees of Naka-Kon and new to the guest family, Wig-Wig Cosplay is an award-winning...
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B-TRASH! by Yoshinori Natsume

Yoshinori Natsume was born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1975. While in college, he published his...
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Grand Prize
Runnerup Prize

Naka-Kon 2019's Right Stuf Anime Pre-Registration Sweepstakes

Everyone who pre-registers for Naka-Kon 2019 between August 3, 2018, and March 1, 2019, is eligible to enter
our Right Stuf ANIME/Naka-Kon Pre-Registration Sweepstakes! We will randomly choose five winners (one grand prize winner and four runners-up) at the end of the sweepstakes. Prizes will be mailed to each winner. These prizes include:

  • 1 GRAND PRIZE: Mobile Suit Gundam 00, 10th Anniversary limited edition box set, Revolutionary Girl Utena limited edition box set, a RightStuf Tote bag filled with anime goodies, volume one of a popular manga series and a $50 Gift Card to
  • 4 RUNNERS UP: Gundam Wing complete series on Blu-ray, Revolutionary Girl Utena complete series on Blu-ray, a RightStuf Tote bag filled with anime goodies, volume one of a popular manga series and a $25 Gift Card to

Full sweepstakes rules can be found here. You must be 14 or older to enter; entrants ages 14-18 must have parental consent. You can enter the sweepstakes by clicking the opt-in boxes when purchasing your badge on EventBrite.

Naka-Kon would like thank our friends at Right Stuf Anime
for their sponsorship of this year's convention!

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