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Celebrate your creative talents and compete against other Naka-Kon attendees for fabulous prizes!

Whether you enjoy writing, video editing, singing, or creating art, we have something for you! Contest registration will be held in the Willow room, on the lobby level of the Sheraton Hotel.

Contest Registration Location & Hours:
Willow room, Sheraton lobby level

Friday: 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Check the schedule for contest times!

AMV Contest

Show off your skills when you put your favorite video games and anime to the ultimate soundtrack! Let these two media combine into a beautiful AMV (anime music video) that can move audiences to laughter or tears…or maybe both! Whether it’s heartbreaking dramas or fierce action, wow us with your technical know-how and artistic talent. Videos with content (language, violence, or sexuality) above a PG-13 rating must enter our 18+ contest. Want to see what your fellow AMV fans have created? Don’t miss the AMV showings where we’ll screen the entries in both categories!

Art Contest

Break out the paints, pencils, clay and canvases and be part of Naka-Kon’s third annual art contest! You are welcome to submit fan art based on Japanese works as well as original artwork inspired by Japanese history, art, or culture. Entries will be displayed in an art gallery open to all attendees!

Iron Fic

​Are you prepared for the battle of your literary life? Sharpen your pencils, refill your ink, and stretch that wrist, because Iron Fic Naka-Kon is back! Join us for one grueling hour of creative writing tension. Can you make your fanfiction stand above the rest and earn the title of Iron Fic Champion?

Karaoke Contest

Break out the music and find the microphones…our karaoke contest is back! The time has come to show off your mad singing skills and rock your favorite Japanese songs.

Project Cosplay BJD

If you thought rushing to finish an outfit for the cosplay runway was hard, try doing it in miniature! Project Cosplay BJD is our take on Project Runway — but for BJDs (ball-jointed dolls)! Create a new look within the allotted time frame and prove that you can handle any fashion challenge!