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Autograph Rules

General Rules

  1. Guests have the right to refuse to autograph anything or for anyone at their individual discretion. Naka-Kon makes no guarantees of getting an autograph from a specific guest.
    • Guests may or may not allow photos, recordings, voice requests, handshakes, etc. at their discretion. No touching guests.
    • If an inappropriate request is made, Naka-Kon Guest Relations staff will ask you to leave the line. You will not be permitted to join any further autograph lines.
  2. Autograph prices, prints, and other merchandise are offered and priced at the discretion of each guest. A purchase is not necessary to say hello, but is necessary for an autograph.
    • All transactions must be completed at the guest's autograph table.
  3. Limit your time with a guest to a minute or so to be respectful of others. Please keep lengthy comments, squees, and fainting to a minimum.
  4. The following gifts are prohibited: homemade food, pre-packaged consumables that have been opened, or pre-packaged consumables with tampered packaging.
    • All consumable gifts must be pre-packaged with visible seals intact, without exception.
    • If you have a consumable gift, you must present your gift to a Guest Relations staff member for approval upon entering the autograph line.
  5. Attendees with accessibility concerns may speak with a Guest Relations staff member for assistance with navigating autograph lines.

Line-up Rules

  1. To join an autograph line for a specific guest, attendees must first join the virtual queue.
    • Attendees may join the virtual queue by scanning the QR code in the Exhibit Hall or visiting the Naka-Kon website.
    • You will receive an SMS / email with a link to check your status. Feel free to enjoy the convention without waiting nearby.
      • Attendees who opt out of SMS may choose to receive an email notification instead.
      • Attendees who opt out of both SMS and email notifications are responsible for monitoring their status in line via the website used to enter the virtual queue.
    • There are separate virtual queues for each individual guest.
    • Virtual queues will open at the same time as the Exhibit Hall.
      • Friday: 4:00 pm
      • Saturday: 10:00 am
      • Sunday: 10:00 am
  2. Attendees must return to the Exhibit Hall to check in for the physical line when it is their turn.
    • Upon being notified, attendees have a 30-minute window to return to the Exhibit Hall and join the physical line.
    • If you are running late, you may notify Guest Relations staff using the link that is sent to you via SMS / email.
    • Attendees who do not check in after 30 minutes will be removed from the virtual queue and must rejoin anew. This still applies to attendees in line for a different autograph session, so please manage your timing wisely.
  3. The virtual queue for a guest will automatically be closed when the number of attendees in queue / wait time meets or exceeds remaining Exhibit Hall hours.
    • The timing of this may vary by guest, so some virtual queues may be closed while others remain open.
    • All virtual queues will be cleared after the Exhibit Hall closes.
      • Friday: 8:00 pm
      • Saturday: 6:00 pm
      • Sunday: 4:00 pm
  4. Joining the virtual queue and / or physical line does not guarantee an autograph.
    • Virtual queues and physical lines may be cleared or closed at the discretion of Naka-Kon Guest Relations or the individual guest.
  5. Naka-Kon makes no guarantees that guests will be available at their booths at any given time.
    • If a guest is unavailable, the virtual queue will still be open to join. The line will resume when the guest returns to their booth.
  6. Attendees attempting to cut an autograph line may be removed from the line and / or from the convention

VIP Attendees

  1. Attendees with a VIP badge may skip the virtual queues by speaking with a member of Guest Relations staff in the Exhibit Hall.
    • VIP attendees may still encounter a short wait at the autograph table, but Naka-Kon will do its best to minimize delays.
  2. If a guest is available in the autograph space during early Exhibit Hall hours, VIP attendees may go through line during this time.
    • Note that the virtual queue will not open until normal Exhibit Hall hours.
  3. A VIP badge does not offer any discounts, promotions, or similar deals for autographs or guest merchandise.
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May 10, 2024


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