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Naka-Kon Press Rules and Guidelines

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Naka-Kon is happy to welcome members of the press, including news reporters, student reporters, bloggers, podcasters, and more, to the convention. We also welcome content creators (including, but not limited to photographers and videographers) who want to include Naka-Kon in their projects. 

Naka-Kon offers three tiers of perks for creators and journalists

  • Full Complimentary Membership with Special Access Pass
  • Discounted Memberships with Special Access Pass
  • Special Access Pass

Interested Parties should apply for badges before February 22. This gives us time to review the application, as well as arrange complimentary or discounted memberships, if necessary. Applications received after the deadline may be approved at our discretion, time permitting. Interested parties are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, as both Complementary Memberships and Discounted Memberships are limited.

All requests are at the sole discretion of Naka-Kon and are not guaranteed to be approved. Members of the press and creators who receive Special Access Passes are expected to adhere to the following guidelines: 


Photography and videography is welcome at Naka-Kon by those whom hold Special Access passes. We ask that any photo backdrops or static photo settings, with or without additional hardware, be set up away from any official Convention settings, such as during Cosplay Photography by convention staff, and to clearly identify themselves as not Convention Staff. This is to reduce the opportunity for confusion by attendees and staff. Photo/videographers are reminded that they are to defer to staff, including Access Control, Photo/Video staff, or Convention Directors, when asked to move or tear down a setting. 


Attendees: Members of the program may set up and conduct interviews in common areas with the consent of the attendees, provided they are not disruptive to attendees or the convention. Access Control or building security may request that members of the program conduct their interviews in another location if the current location impedes traffic. 

Guests: All interview requests for guests are subject to approval from the guest management team. If your interview is approved, we will contact you with further information. Guest interviews will be arranged prior to the convention.

Staff of Naka-Kon: Interviews with Volunteers and Staff are disallowed. Directors, ConComs, Site Staff and the Board of Directors are granted only on a case by case basis, with the approval of the Press Coordinator and Operations.


Any coverage must not interfere with the operation of panels. If you wish to take photographs at or record a panel, you must obtain permission from the panelists. A Special Access Pass does not guarantee you entry to a panel, nor does it provide you early entry, as many attendees line up in advance to gain entry into some of our most popular panels. If you are interested in covering a panel, you may line up in the queue with other attendees. A Special Access is not a substitute for a valid photo ID, which must be shown at all 18+ and 21+ panels. 

Paid Events

Special Access Pass holders are exempt from the fees associated with paid events (Lolita tea, maid café, charity ball, saké tastings), provided they are attending the event to provide coverage and NOT to participate. You do not need to be there when the doors open for these events, but your entry must not cause a disruption. This is at the discretion of Access Control Director, or the event’s coordinator.

Other Events

Special Access Pass holders are also welcome to cover non-paid events that are not panels. These may include music performances and dance parties, the cosplay competition runway event, charity events, and Kon Events relating to the interactive storyline. If you are interested in the musical performances or dance parties, you must indicate as such by contacting the Press Coordinator at the email address listed below. 

Additional Notes

All members of the program are subject to the same rules and policies as convention attendees, including dress codes and harassment policies. Violation of any of these rules is grounds for revoking of your Special Access Pass and Convention Membership, and potential blacklisting from future events. Special Access Pass holders must wear their Convention Membership badge at all times in the convention space; if you are not currently photographing or filming, you are not obligated to wear your Special Access Pass, but please make sure you have it while filming, taking photographs, or conducting interviews. 

Members of the program who abuse badge privileges in any way may have their Special Access Pass or convention membership revoked and may not be eligible to receive them at future conventions. If such an abuse occurs,convention committee members, or the Press Coordinator have the authority to revoke Special Access Passes and Convention Memberships.

Naka-Kon reserves the right to pursue removal or modification of content that is in violation of these rules,  infringes on our rights, or would expose Naka-Kon to legal action. Naka-Kon reserves the right to escalate these pursuits to official takedown notices, Cease and Desist documentation, or other actions as appropriate. Naka-Kon guarantees, however, that your content will not be policed for opinions, and urges you to share honest feedback and thoughts on the convention and it’s events. 

Naka-Kon reserves the right to use small, selected quotes (in appropriate context as to not change the intent of the quote) or to share work (such as Youtube videos) resulting from the access we grant you, in social media channels or other platforms, as well as to a limited extent in our advertising. Naka-Kon claims no ownership over your content.

Questions about guidelines or other matters may be sent to

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