Naka-Kon Rules

General Rules | Dress Code | Props and Weapons Policy
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General Rules

1. Disruptive behavior is not allowed. Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fighting (real or fake).
  • Heckling.
  • Blocking hallways or walkways.
  • Throwing or brandishing weapons, props, or other items.
  • Overtly lewd, crass, or publicly sexualized behavior outside of 18+ panels.
  • Harassment of other attendees.
  • Sleeping or camping in the convention area or public hotel area.
  • Loitering in the elevator (elevator parties).
  • Public intoxication (real or fake).
  • Failure to observe basic hygiene practices.
  • Failure to adhere to the posted weapons policy or specific event rules.
  • Acting in a manner that is unsafe to yourself or others.
  • Failure to adhere to hotel policies or federal, state or local laws.

2. Attendees must adhere to the dress code, which is posted online and printed in the convention program book. The dress code is unisex, and has been designed to ensure compliance with the requirements given to us by the Overland Park Convention Center. Cosplay attire is not exempt from the dress code requirements. Please refer to the dress code online before designing your costumes.

3. No advertising or soliciting is allowed without written permission from the Convention Committee. To obtain permission to advertise at the convention, please visit the Information Desk in the pre-function area for more information. Anyone found posting materials on convention center or hotel property without permission will be removed from the convention. This includes, but is not limited to, hanging posters or handing out flyers.

4. Signs brought by attendees are only allowed as part of a costume or cosplay. Any sign containing language determined by Naka-Kon to be foul, offensive, soliciting, or promoting merchandise of any kind is subject to removal or confiscation, even if done as part of a cosplay. This includes signs advertising "free hugs" and "hugs for a dollar" or similar offers. Any sign determined by Naka-Kon to be excessive in size or disruptive is subject to removal or confiscation.

5. No alcohol is permitted in the convention area or hotel common areas. Smoking and vaping (the use of e-cigarettes/e-juice) are prohibited in all indoor areas. Underaged attendees found to be consuming alcohol will be removed from the convention and banned from returning the following year. Adult attendees found to be excessively intoxicated (stumbling, slurring, vomiting) will be removed from the convention and banned from returning the following year.

6. No pets or animals except official working animals are allowed in the convention area. Working animals should be registered with the convention. Please contact Disabilities Services at for more information.

7. Dressing as or otherwise impersonating a Naka-Kon staff member is strictly forbidden.

8. You must wear your convention badge at all times to be admitted to any convention event or area. A badge does not guarantee entry to an event or autographs at any event. The convention is not responsible for lost, misplaced, or stolen badges. Naka-Kon will not issue refunds for any badge. State or federal identification may be required for entrance into events and must be provided in addition to the issued convention badge upon request.

9. By wearing a badge to attend Naka-Kon Anime Convention, attendees are granting their permission to be photographed or recorded by individuals authorized by Naka-Kon Anime Convention and grant their permission for Naka-Kon to use such images or footage for archival or promotional purposes.

10. Naka-Kon reserves the right to refuse sale of a badge, deny entry to any convention event or area, and/or revoke the badge(s) of anyone who refuses to abide by these rules. Attendees who are refused entry or whose badges are revoked by the Convention Committee are not entitled to a refund of the attendance fee.

If you have questions about general rules, please contact


Dress Code

Naka-Kon, the Overland Park Convention Center, and the Sheraton Hotel want to provide a welcoming environment for everyone, and we encourage you to express yourself! However, please keep in mind that our venues have made special requests regarding our dress code and as a result, their input has heavily influenced the rules.  We ask that all of our attendees use common sense when deciding what to wear, and respect the boundaries of good taste. If your clothing or your costume violates our dress code policy, we will give you a warning and ask you to change or modify your clothing to comply with the dress code. If you are unable to do this, we will ask you to leave the convention to obtain clothing that adheres to the dress code. A second violation may result in your registration being revoked and being removed from the convention for the remainder of the weekend. All decisions pertaining to dress code and individual dress code violations made by the convention’s organizers are final.

  1. All clothing and cosplays must cover your nipples, the lower curvature of any breast tissue, your groin area, the crevice between your gluteal muscles, and the lower crease of your gluteal muscles. Your clothing must prevent contact between your genitals and any surface you sit on. Clothing requirements are identical for all genders. Size/weight discrimination in dress code will not be tolerated.
    • Fishnet shirts are acceptable ONLY if you wear an underlayer or overlayer that covers the nipples.
    • Sheer garments that give the impression of nudity are not permitted.
    • Sheer garments that cling to the genitalia and show the shape of the genitalia are absolutely not permitted.
    • Any vests must be secured in a way that they will not fly open and reveal your nipples. ​
  2. All attendees must wear shoes of some kind.
  3. Underwear must not be visible, nor should it be apparent that you are wearing no undergarments at all. Lingerie costumes and underwear costumes are not allowed.
  4. Nudity, or the illusion of such, is strictly forbidden both in the halls and the cosplay competition.
  5. The wearing of prosthetics that represent unclothed breasts or protruding genitalia are not permitted.
  6. Whether you are wearing street clothes or a cosplay, you must abide by the props and weapons policy, found both on this page and in the program book.
  7. Full body paint in lieu of actual clothing is not allowed.
  8. Carrying signs is only permitted as part of a costume or cosplay. Any sign containing language determined by Naka-Kon to be foul, offensive, soliciting, or promoting merchandise of any kind is subject to removal or confiscation, even if done as part of a cosplay. This includes signs advertising "free hugs" and "hugs for a dollar" or similar offers. Any sign determined by Naka-Kon to be excessive in size or disruptive is subject to removal or confiscation.
  9. Costumes may not extend far enough from the wearer to impede foot traffic or present an impact risk to other attendees. Hazardous costume pieces include, but are not limited to, wings, fake appendages, tails and tentacles. The costume could break or cause injury to attendees.
  10. Rules may not be broken for photographs or for the cosplay competition.


Weapons Policy

Props and Weapons Policy

Everyone has questions about their cosplay props, so we’ve tried to address all possible concerns for you. Please read the rules thoroughly before designing your cosplay props. We can not make exceptions for legal reasons. If you are unsure of a rule, please contact us for clarification.

NEW: The current issues in the United States related to gun violence have caused this to be a very sensitive subject. As a result, Naka-Kon is choosing to err on the side of caution. While we have always banned weapon-prop firearms that look realistic, our restrictions on such props will be tighter than ever. If your fake firearm could be mistaken for the real thing, it will not be allowed at the convention. There will be no exceptions. It does not matter if the prop can not fire projectiles. If it looks realistic, do not bring it to the convention. We apologize for the effect this may have on your costume, but the safety and security of our attendees is our highest priority. By not allowing realistic prop firearms, it makes it far easier for the professional security, police, and convention staff to identify potential real threats. It also means that a police officer or professional security guard will not mistake your prop for a real weapon, which could have serious consequences. Firearms (whether open carry or conceal and carry) are not allowed on the OPCC, Sheraton, or Marriott premises unless handled by a police officer.

Please do your part to make Naka-Kon a safe, family-friendly, and welcoming event. Plan your cosplay props with these restrictions in mind.

  1. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to:
    • Sharp metal props (including items with sharp points).
    • Non-metal items with edges or points sharp enough to cause injury.
    • Airsoft guns or other firearms, even if modded. (They are prohibited, no exceptions.)
    • Crossbows and hunting bows, even with functional parts removed.
    • Explosives (even tiny things like firecrackers or poppers).
    • Devices that emit fire.
    • Devices that shoot projectiles (including water and foam darts).
    • Devices that generate smoke, vapor, or confetti.
    • Devices that emit excessive noise or light.
    • Items so large that they create a hazard in the crowd because of their size.
    • Any weapon prop that looks realistic enough to be mistaken for the real thing by a police officer. (Just don’t do it, folks.)
  2. Items that are allowed (with on-site approval) include, but are not limited to:
    • Bokkens (wooden swords)
    • Baseball bats
    • Metal props with completely dull edges and no points.
    • Simple bows that are not strung or are strung with a loose string and can not be fired.
    • Nerf-type guns that have been modified so they can not be fired.
    • Very large props (longer than 5 feet, wider than two feet, heavier than 10 pounds.)
  3. Throwing, pointing, swinging, brandishing, or mock fighting with weapons or props is prohibited. You may pose for photographs with your weapon-prop, but be conscientious of your surroundings and do not swing your weapons. Please plan accordingly for your cosplay photos!
  4. All large props, such as wings, staffs, weapons and other bulky objects, must not be hazardous or disruptive to attendees, especially in the hallways. These props must not block hallways, hit other con-goers in passing, or present a hazard to normal foot-traffic. Exceptions will only be made for people specifically on their way to and from the cosplay contest. If possible, please put on the large props or wings when you arrive in the cosplay contest staging area so that you are not walking through the hallways with them.
  5. Naka-Kon reserves the right to check any and all weapon-props or equipment, or require that weapon-props or equipment be removed from the convention area. 
  6. If you are in doubt as to the approval of your prop, please follow this process:
    • Bring your weapon to the Access Control office or “Weapons Check” table when you arrive at the convention (or if you are directed to do so by any staff member). An Access Control staff member will be present in the office, in the Rosebud Room, at all times. Access Control will also be present at the cosplay contest registration table and at registration to check weapons.
    • If your weapon is not approved, please bring it back to your hotel room or vehicle immediately. Your name, badge number, and weapon’s description will be recorded. Yes, we keep track of rejected weapons so that we can be fair.
    • If your weapon is approved, we will tag it with a bright plastic zip-tie.
    • Do not remove the zip-tie! That’s your badge of approval. (Consider it a badge of honor.) If the zip-tie breaks or falls off, come back to the Access Control Office immediately, and we’ll replace it for you.
    • All decisions by Access Control staff are final. If a staff member is unsure about approving a prop/weapon, they will contact the Director of Access Control or the Director of Operations for a decision. Please do not argue with our decisions. We have these policies and restrictions in place to make sure the convention is fair and safe for everyone.
  7. We want to approve your props for you! However, we do need to check them before you take them into the convention space. Better to check them early than have us take them away from you later.
  8. We will confiscate props and/or weapons for any violations of this policy, including but not limited to the intentional removal of zip-ties, brandishing prop-weapons, play-fighting, real fighting, or intimidating people. We will also confiscate any weapon that has already been rejected if it is found in convention space. If a weapon is confiscated from you, it will be returned to you on the last day of the convention, after the last officially scheduled event is over. Do not ask for it back sooner, even if you promise to keep it in your room. If you are leaving the convention early, you may retrieve your weapon by turning over your registration badge at the Access Control Office immediately before you leave.

If your weapon or prop is not approved for convention space but you do not have a room or vehicle in which to store it, and we have not actually confiscated it, you may “check” it in the Access Control Office. The Access Control Office will be staffed at all times. Your beloved weapon, replica, or prop will be perfectly safe with us until you are ready to go home at the end of the day. Then, please leave it safely at home for the rest of the convention. We are not a storage locker! We are also not legally liable for loss or damage to any of your props. “Checking” a prop is a courtesy, not a requirement.

We all love realistic props and amazing costumes. At the same time, please remember that we must provide a safe space for everyone. If something CAN really hurt someone, we have to account for the fact that it MIGHT be used to hurt someone. If something looks real enough to scare or intimidate another person, no matter how innocent your intent is, we have to treat it as thought it MIGHT actually be used to scare or intimidate another person.

Remember that the convention center is public space. Naka-Kon is a large convention with thousands of attendees. We want to let everyone have as much fun as possible, and to do this, we must ensure that the rules are applied fairly and equally to all attendees.

If you have questions about the props and weapons policy, please contact


Gaming Room Rules

  1. No hardware or software will be allowed within the gaming room unless it has been expressly loaned to the convention. Those attendees wishing to use their personal arcade joystick controllers may do so; however, Naka-Kon will assume no responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage to said controllers if they are not explicitly loaned to the convention.
  2. All attendees shall have equal opportunities to use gaming room equipment. Attendees who spend excessive time at any game which other attendees wish to play may be temporarily removed from the specific station or the game room in general to allow for equal use of the equipment. Further abuse may result in further actions being taken.
  3. Naka-Kon reserves the right to remove attendees from the gaming room or the convention if they mistreat gaming room equipment, attempt theft, exhibit poor hygiene, or exhibit any other type of disruptive behavior.
  4. Makeshift tournaments (console, CCG, or tabletop) are expressly prohibited.

If you have questions about the Gaming Room Rules, please contact


Autograph Rules

While we strive to make our autograph policies clear and fair to everyone, we must also respect the wishes of our guests. Please check online at or our Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Tumblr pages for any announcements about obtaining autographs from our Japanese and musical guests.

An important new policy added this year is that all autograph sessions will be ticketed events. Tickets are free and can be picked up in Exhibit Hall A at the Autograph Tickets table two hours prior to the specific session (see rule 8).

  1. All autographs are at the guest’s discretion. Naka-Kon makes no guarantees of getting an autograph from a specific guest. Guests have the right to refuse to autograph anything or for anyone at their individual discretion.
  2. Voice Actor autographs are limited to 2 items per person, or 1 item and a photograph, or 1 item or photograph and 1 gift. Guests may refuse pictures individually or entirely at their discretion. Items for guests to sign should be official, licensed products (no bootlegs). Please have items ready for autograph when you are near the front of the line. Note: for our musical guests (Earthbound Papas, Critical Hit, A New World) the limit is 1 item.
  3. Please keep comments, squees, and fainting to a minimum. Imagine how angry you would be if someone ahead of you took five minutes to talk to a guest and you didn’t get to speak to them at all. Limit your time with a guest to a minute or less.
  4. No touching guests without permission. Ask for hugs, handshakes, etc., and respect that a guest may be sick or tired, or have some other reason for not wanting to give hugs.
  5. Attendees with a VIP badge may enter the autograph session at any time, regardless of whether they have a ticket. VIP attendees will be taken to the front of the line.
  6. Lines will be cleared out after the end of each session and attendees may not remain in line to wait for the next session. Instead, attendees must leave and get back in line at the beginning of the next autograph session. Attendees attempting to cut the line or enter the line without a ticket may be removed from the autograph session or from the convention.
  7. Attendees must have a ticket for a specified session to enter the line. Tickets will have the specified guest, date, and session time listed. Only the ticket for the correct session may be used to enter the line.
  8. Tickets for each autograph session are free. Attendees may pick up a ticket two hours prior to the specific autograph session in Exhibit Hall A. Approximately 125 tickets will be available for each session. Attendees may only pick up a single ticket per session for themselves and must show a valid Naka-Kon 2016 badge for that day, or a weekend badge. Naka-Kon will not replace lost tickets. Tickets are non-transferrable, and attendees selling their autograph tickets may be subject to removal from the convention.
  9. Guest staff members reserve the right to stop handing out tickets or to cut off the line at their discretion. Due to time constraints, a ticket does not guarantee an autograph. If a guest must leave prior to getting through the entire line, no replacement or additional tickets, fast passes, or similar items will be given out.
  10. Attendees with tickets may enter the line by showing their ticket to a designated Naka-Kon staff member at the end of the line. Attendees with tickets may line up at any time during the autograph session. However, arriving on time for a session is encouraged. Late arrivals may face longer waits, or may not be able to make it through the line.


Dance Party

No outside food or drink. This is OPCC policy. Water will be provided inside the dance.

All you need to get in is your badge. Be prepared to show it to the volunteer at the door! It may be a long line, but if everyone cooperates and takes the time to go through one by one, we can check more quickly and get you in more smoothly than if a whole crowd rushes the doors.

No bags are permitted in the dance. All bags must be left in a hotel room or vehicle. The volunteers at the doors of the dance party will not watch bags or property, and are not responsible for property left unattended. This includes ALL bags, regardless of size. Store your purses, fanny packs, and clutches in your car or hotel room before you attend!

Naka Kon's dress code and codes of conduct will be enforced inside the Dance Party. The dress code can be found inside your program book and will be available at the door. Large props are discouraged, as are the heavier forms of Poi and other fun (but potentially dangerous!) dance accessories. If you’re wondering what not to bring, ask yourself: If this accidentally hit someone, would it hurt them? Remember, this event is not age restricted. Keep it safe for our younger, smaller attendees you may not see while showing off your cool moves!

If you cause a safety hazard with your props, you will be asked to remove them from the dance floor.

Make it quick and easy for everyone at the end of the night. When the party is over, double check that you have everything you brought in! Please leave the OPCC promptly after the party, so that the staff can finish cleaning up and head home to their beds, too.