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Ticketed Events

Naka-Kon hosts several special ticketed events every year. These events require an additional ticket that can be purchased ahead of time.

Charity Ball

Come join us at this year's Charity Ball. This year's ball theme is Hanabi (fireworks) and it is set to be a blast. We will have waltz and swing (jitterbug) music to heat up the dance floor. Join us for an evening of formal-wear fun and support Naka-kon's charities.

Cos-lesque! (18+)

A cosplay burlesque show inspired by Japanese pop culture! This is an 18+ event.

Homemade Sushi 101

Sushi is not just a roll with seaweed or rice ball with raw fish on top. You can create your own sushi with the ingredients you like. This course will go over the easiest way to make sushi for everyone, and attendees will be able to enjoy the sushi that they make after the course.

Inari-kun Plushies

One of Inari Ōkami's most trusted messenger foxes and Tomo's newest companion, Inari-kun is ready to go home in the form of this special edition mascot plushie!

Lolita Tea Party

Naka-Kon would like to invite you to join us for tea and sweets at our Lolita Tea Party! Our guests of honor will be the President and lead designer from EmilyTemple cute. We hope you'll join us in celebrating this fabulously frilly fashion!

Maid Café

We would like to welcome you to the Naka-Kon Maid Café! Sit back and relax as our charming staff takes care of you. Enjoy a snack and tea, games, and a dance performed by our maids. Feel free to converse with your maid and other guests! We’ll be sure that you’ll have a wonderful time.

Wagashi — Japanese Sweets

Wagashi traditional Japanese sweets have evolved over centuries, influenced first by Chinese culture and later by Western confections. While adaptation of new ingredients and techniques from other cultures was an important aspect of the development of Japanese sweets, the Japanese have incorporated their own artistic sense, creativity, and sensitivity to seasonal changes into their confectioneries and refined them as wagashi.