March 15–17, 2019
Overland Park Convention Center & Overland Park Sheraton Hotel

Naka-Kon Honored Guests

Satomi Akesaka

Satomi Akesaka is a voice actress from Saitama, Japan, best known for her Japanese voice roles as Sejuani in League of Legends, Chrome Dokuroin Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Shiizakiin Date A Live, Matsuri Hiiragiin Lucky Star, Esdeath in Akame ga Kill!, Katō Danzōin Fate/Grand Order, and Usalia in Disgaea 5.

In some of her recent anime roles, she played Ohime in ...

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Aya Kamiki

Aya Kamiki is a Japan Gold Disk Award-winning singer, actress and model. In 2003, she released her first CD, BREATH from FOR LIFE RECORDS under her previous artist name, Kurimu. The following year, she transferred to Being, Inc. and continued her musical career with Osaka as her base of operations. She had her major label debut in 2006. One of her most well-known songs, “Pierrot”, was ranked 9th on the Oricon Chart, the Japanese version of the Billboard music chart.


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Amelie Belcher

Amelie Belcher is an award-winning artist, painter, art instructor, comic creator and pod cast host. Known for her comedy based art education presentations, she has travelled the world teaching thousands of budding artists the secrets to starting their own journeys down the path to artistic expression with an eye geared toward Anime and Manga styled creations. She is known for her web comics, “Bounty Haunters” and “The Real-Life Adventures Of Ami Chan”. You can read...

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Kara Edwards

Kara Edwards is a professional voice actor known for her young, fresh sound and wide range of characters.

Kara's career began right out of high school when she was hired to co-host the Squeege and Kara Show on Radio Disney. Radio would eventually take Kara to the East Coast where she produced and co-hosted morning shows in Charlotte, NC for over five years.

While in Dallas working for Disney, Kara attended an open-call audition for a popular show called...

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Ryuzou Ishino

Naka-Kon is proud to welcome Ryuzou Ishino as a guest of honor for our 2019 convention! Ishino-san is a Japanese theater actor, teacher, and seiyuu (voiceover artist) who specializes in theater performance inspired by the Japanese single-actor storytelling art known as “rakugo”. He is the founder of a form of acting called Katari Shibai, and his voice work can be enjoyed in the original Japanese versions of many video games and anime series, with his most notable roles including those of...

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Jād Saxton

Jād (jade) Saxton is a voice actor and ADR Director with over 150 roles in anime and video games. She is
best known for her roles as Kanna in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Carla in Fairy Tail, Yuki in Wolf Children, Young Nico Robin in One Piece, Koneko in High School DxD, Hatchin in Michiko & Hachin (Toonami), Faris in ...

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Roland Kelts

Roland Kelts is the author of the critically acclaimed and bestselling book, Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture has Invaded the U.S.

He writes for many publications in the US, Europe and Japan, such as The New Yorker, The New York Times, Harper’s Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, The Guardian, Time, Newsweek Japan, The Yomiuri, The Japan Times and others. He has interviewed several notable Japanese artists, including Hayao Miyazaki and Haruki Murakami, and is...

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Billy Kametz

Billy Kametz is an actor from Hershey, Pennsylvania who now lives in the Los Angeles area. He went out to California 3 years ago to play Aladdin in the Aladdin Musical Spectacular in Disney's California Adventure for the final year of the show's 13-year run. Since that time, Billy has been lucky enough to lend his voice to anime, video games, cartoons, live action dubs, and commercials.

You can hear Billy as Josuke in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond...

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Kristen McGuire

Kristen McGuire is a professional voice actor, ADR director, and script adapter for Funimation

Productions. When it comes to voice work, Kristen has worked on over a hundred different titles, but she is most well known for her roles as Tatami Nakagame in My Hero Academia (currently airing on Toonami), Loop Nishigori in Yuri!!! On ICE, Young Nora in RWBY, Hinano Kurahashi in Assassination Classroom, An Onoya in...

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Chief Designer Taira

Metamorphose temps de fille, founded in the late 1980s, is one of the best known brands of the immediately recognizable Japanese Lolita fashion style. Wildly popular and loved by many, Metamorphose - or “Meta” - is famous for developing creative and unconventional styles for Lolitas all over the world. The brand focuses on the whimsical quality in all of us that makes us wish to transform into something truly magical and beautiful, whether our style is cute, elegant,...

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OneOddHuman (Sam) is a St. Louis-based cosplayer who sees the hobby as the ultimate form of expressing herself. She loves taking on heavily detailed projects and challenging builds, making it a goal to learn new things with each project. Many of her costumes emphasize clean sewing and fabrication, while never hesitating to add some extra detail. Though she’s been active in the hobby for 4 years, she is passionate about expanding her knowledge and loves to share what she’s...

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AWR Music Productions is proud to present a new video game music concert experience: OPENWORLD. Featuring exciting new arrangements of video game music for a chamber ensemble of world-class musicians, OPENWORLD performs music from series and titles such as Halo, Super Mario 64, Metal Gear Solid, DuckTales, The Legend of Zelda, and many others. Selections range from ‘90s classics to your favorite recent releases. The name of the production comes from...
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Right Stuf, Inc.

Founded in 1987, Right Stuf, Inc. is amongst North America's oldest and largest publishers, distributors and retailers in the anime and manga marketplace. One of the industry's original pioneers, RightStuf Right Stuf works in a variety of media vehicles that include video streaming, podcasts, special publications and one of the trade's most recognized Internet storefronts, ...

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Keith Silverstein

Keith Silverstein is a veteran voice actor with an impressive and diverse list of credits. He’s the voice of Torbjörn in the smash hit game Overwatch, Hisoka on Hunter x Hunter, Hawk Moth on the fan favorite Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Dr. Wily in Mega Man 11, Hammerhead in Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4), and Keith recently joined the cast of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes...

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Alejandro Saab

Alejandro Saab is a professional voice actor and influencer with over 480,000+ subscribers and over 170 million+ combined views on his YouTube channel! But his true passion is acting! Alejandro has found much success as a voice actor, having done work at a multitude of studios such as FUNimation, Bang Zoom Entertainment!, Okratron, RoosterTeeth, and more for various anime and video game titles.

He’s lent his voice to projects such as Dragon Ball Legends...

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Longtime attendees of Naka-Kon and new to the guest family, Wig-Wig Cosplay is an award-winning competitive cosplay pair out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Competing together since 2013, Paragon and SkyPirate have cosplayed across the Midwest and East Coast, quickly becoming two of the most decorated cosplayers in their state. Most recently, they won the title of “Team USA” and will represent the country in the 2019 International Cosplay League in Spain!

They are best known for their...

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B-TRASH! by Yoshinori Natsume

Yoshinori Natsume was born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1975. While in college, he published his first one-shot manga and was awarded “Best Newcomer Shonen Manga Artist” by the publisher Shogakukan. After graduation, he worked at Konami as a graphic designer and was part of the development of Metal Gear Solid and beatmania. In 2000, he left Konami to focus on his manga career and wrote his first serial manga, Togari. After the completion of Togari, he wrote Kurozakuro, Batman: Death...

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