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2021 Badge Roll Over Update

July 12, 2021


2021 Badge Roll Over

For those who have requested their 2020 badges to be rollovered to Naka-Kon 2021, please read carefully the following updates. We have laid out the steps needed to be taken to finalize the rollover and provide you with a new confirmation message to pick up the Naka-Kon 2021 badge.

  1. Please fill out the Rollover Request Form by August 1,2021. The form is now closed. Those who already have filled out this form do not need to fill it out again.
    • For those who submitted the form before June 5, 2021, an email was sent on June 7, 2021 to confirm that we received your request.
    • For those who submitted a request between June 5 ~ July 1, we will send a confirmation by July 15, 2021.
    • Requests filled out between July 1 through August 1, we will send a confirmation by August 15, 2021.
  2. A unique discount code will be emailed to the person who originally purchased the badge. The following is the schedule of when the codes will be emailed:
    • Rollover request submitted before July 1, 2021 : by July 15, 2021
    • Rollover request submitted by August 1, 2021 : by August 15, 2021
  3. Apply the discount code to the 2021 registration page. If applied successfully, complimentary badges will appear for you to choose from.
  1. Please enter your information and complete the registration form. If you are entering more than one membership, the contact information for each badge must match the person using the badge.
  2. Once registration is complete, you will receive a new 2021 confirmation message from Eventbrite. Please bring this new confirmation message either as a printout or on your mobile device along with your personal ID. You will need to show this confirmation message  the first time you enter the convention and when you pick up your badge.

Partial Refund

We will be processing the partial refund for those who rollovered to 2021 based on this following schedule:

  • Rollover request submitted before July 1, 2021 : by July 31, 2021
  • Rollover request submitted by August 1, 2021 : by August 31, 2021

Naka-Kon 2022 Badge Roll Over

Finally for those who requested rollover to Naka-Kon 2022, we will send a follow up email by August 10, 2021 notifying you that we have received your request. Then later this year we will send a 2nd follow up email providing you details on how you can complete your roll over to Naka-Kon 2022.