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Covid-19 Policy Notice

August 25, 2021


We at Naka-Kon are always watching for the latest guidance to keep all of our attendees safe. With the rise of the vaccine-resistant and more contagious Delta and Lambda variants of COVID-19, we are making preparations in anticipation of more stringent regulations from the county, state, or federal governments.

What do I need to do right now? Make sure to bring several masks so you have spares if your mask gets lost or dirty. If you can, double masking may be a good idea. The CDC recommends layering a cloth mask over a surgical mask. Additionally, we ask that all attendees practice good personal hygiene, including frequent hand washing, showering, and social distancing.

What should I prepare for? There is a possibility that the CDC and county/state/federal guidelines may change which may result in requiring all attendees to be vaccinated. Just in case, we recommend attendees bring their vaccination card or other proof of vaccination or a high quality photograph of said proof. If you have not been fully vaccinated (if you have not received your second dose) or if you are unable to vaccinate for medical reasons, please keep an eye out for additional guidance. We will be releasing more specific instructions in the event this mandate does come through.

Update: We would like to apologize that we made an error in our previous COVID-19 update post noting that OPCC may publish a mandate. OPCC will not publish mandates. All convention protocols will be based on Naka-Kon's decision following county/state/federal and CDC guidelines. For any questions in regards to our safety protocols please email