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Sharing the Convention Space

September 3, 2021


Nakama, as previously mentioned, this year we will be sharing our space with a number of other groups, so while we encourage you to enjoy the convention, please be respectful of the other non-convention attendees who will be using some of our usual programming and lounge space.

-Naka-Kon only has rights to the convention center side, so other events happening in the Sheraron Hotel are unaffiliated with Naka-Kon. These groups have the rights to the spaces they are using.

-Please take special note of the Cottonwood rooms. This area will be roped off starting on Thursday to prepare for a wedding on Sunday. Please do not go near this area.

-At around 9:00 on Sunday, a wedding party will be participating in a traditional celebratory event. While it will be in a public space we ask that you not be disrespectful to the group and otherwise intrude, make noise or disrupt the celebrations. 

-With so many events occurring, the hotel and conference center staff will be working very hard. Be extra patient on food, hotel service, check in/check out services, etc. Offer more kind "eye" smiles, nice words and consider tipping even more than normal.

-If you are staying at the hotel, tidy up your room before checkout to prevent extra strain on the hotel staff. 

Let's show everyone how good the convention attendees of Naka-Kon can be, so we can all have a great weekend!