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Thank you for joining for 2021

September 20, 2021


Hello everyone, we apologize for the belated post. We want to take this time to express our gratitude to everyone who was part of Naka-Kon 2021. When we canceled Naka-Kon 2020 and postponed Naka-Kon 2021 from March to September, we were very close to ceasing operations. Attendees, vendors, artists, donors, sponsors, convention center staff, the City of Overland Park, and all the hard-working volunteers – you were all vital in helping this convention survive and enabling us to host Naka-Kon 2021. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The convention was much smaller than in previous years, and we regret that we could not accommodate everyone who wanted to attend due to the cap and safety measures. But we felt the positive energy and joy of finally being able to host a convention in person. We hope to build upon Naka-Kon 2021 and slowly work our way back to pre-pandemic levels. However, we have many challenges that we need to overcome to meet this goal.

We will share more details in these coming months, including the current status of the convention and the help that we need to continue the convention. In addition, we will be providing updates on contest results, 2020 roll-over status, 2022 pre-registration, 2022 exhibit hall applications, and more. Please continue to follow us to stay up to date.

Thank you for your continued support.

今後とも何卒よろしくお願いいたします。(Kongo tomo nanitozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu).