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Guest Announcement: Aika Kobayashi

March 16, 2024


Nakama - please welcome singer and voice actress Aika Kobayashi to Naka-Kon 2024! Nicknamed Aikyan by her fans, Kobayashi-san is best known as the voice behind school idol and Aqours member Yoshiko Tsushima from Love Live! Sunshine!!. Anime fans may also recognize her musical talents from numerous series, including the songs' Color/Kimi o Mamoritai' (the ending theme from the series Freezing) and 'Future is Serious' (the ending theme from Queen's Blade Rebellion). Beyond these contributions to the animated world, Kobayashi also performs as a solo artist - debuting her first major single, 'NO LIFE CODE' in 2020, and has released two albums thus far, Gradation Collection (2021) and syzygy (2022). Be sure not to miss her concert scheduled on Friday and Saturday night! For additional information, visit her profile page.