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Tea Party & Fashion Show

We invite you to join us for Naka-Kon’s 2024 Tea Party and Lolita Fashion Show, with special guest brand Emily Temple cute, featuring fashion model Misako Aoki. This event will be a formal opportunity for attendees to see Emily Temple cute and Melody BasKet’s new collections on the runway, and to enjoy a delicious tea menu with our special guests.

All attendees are required to meet a minimum of formal attire* for those not dressing in Lolita fashion for the event in order to attend. Our dress code policy will be strictly enforced at check in. We strongly encourage attendees to consider wearing one article of clothing or an accessory by our honored guest brand, Emily Temple cute, to show support for their visit.

Our featured guests will participate in a Q&A Panel following the fashion show. Attendees may submit questions in advance via the written forms available at the Emily Temple cute booth in the Naka-Kon Exhibit Hall.

Menu details will be provided closer to the event.

Tea Party & Fashion Show tickets will be available at $70 per ticket. There is a limited batch of 100 tickets available. You will also need a standard Naka-Kon attendee badge to attend the event. Purchase your Naka-Kon Badge here.

Event time: Saturday, May 25th, 4:30 - 8pm CDT
Event location:
Leatherwood 2/3


Formal wear or attire is a dress code commonly used for weddings, funerals, dinners, balls, and similar events.

FOR MEN (or masculine presenting individuals)
For men, a typical formal outfit may include smart suits, dress shirts, ties, and dress shoes. A range of accessories may also be added to the ensemble, like a pocket square or set of cuff links.

FOR WOMEN (or feminine presenting individuals)
For women, a standard formal outfit would consist of a dress. Both floor-length gowns and lighter cocktail dresses can fall into the formal category. Aside from dresses, blouses, dressy skirts, and dress pants are potential choices for females at formal events. In terms of footwear, heels or fancy flats may be worn, while accessories can include elegant jewelry and small clutch bags.

Cargo shorts, flannel shirts, jeans, flip flops, helium balloons, scepters or props with pointed or sharp parts, realistic prop firearms, loose glitter or confetti, speakers or any device that plays music without headphones.


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