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Entering Eorzea: An Introduction to Final Fantasy Online

Welcome to Eorzea, the first small corner where you’ll begin your adventure in the vast world of Hydaelyn. With its recent explosion in population and almost cult-like dedication from its player base, it’s nearly impossible to ignore this title in the mainline Final Fantasy series. But what is the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV? How do you start playing it? And what’s with the free trial meme that keeps popping up all over Twitter? We’re here to teach you everything you need to know to get started playing this beautiful game, and then some, so please look forward to it!

8:30 pm
10:00 pm
Leatherwood 2-3
Sheraton Hotel
Crow Dalova
Faelyn Amaius
Rystyll Fyrlihtsyn


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  • Arda Wigs
  • Greater Kansas City Japan Festival
  • Hammerspace Community Workshop
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  • KC Craft Ramen
  • Right Stuf Anime
  • Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs
  • Uptown Matsuri