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Authentic Edo Era Samurai Armor: How It Was Made and Worn

Samurai warriors have long been celebrated as fearsome fighters and excellent strategists. Samurai armor is venerated among military historians, artists, game designers, and Japanese culture fans for generations. However, most people never get to see authentic armor up close, much less have the chance to look “under the hood” at its construction. Tangerine Mountain presents authentic Edo Period samurai armor from the Higuchi family, who served the venerated Sanada clan at Matsushiro Castle in present-day Nagano City. We will take you through the complete set, explaining each piece and how it was made and worn, comparing and contrasting Edo Period armor to that of earlier eras, giving attendees new insight and appreciation of iconic artifacts of samurai history.

Visit the Traveling Kimono Exhibition page for more information.

6:00 pm
7:30 pm
Exhibit Hall A/B
Overland Park Convention Center
Tangerine Mountain


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