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How Kimono are Made

Many costumers struggle to replicate the look of an authentic Japanese kimono because they don’t know authentic Japanese kimono construction. Tangerine Mountain is ready to show you that kimono are made utilizing methods and procedures no Westerner would ever conceive of. It’s not just straight lines! Attendees will get the chance to handle kimono bolts and materials the likes of which most Americans never get to even see in person, much less touch.

We start with the initial design process, using authentic materials from design houses, such as drafted designs on wax paper, katagami stencils, and design papers, all from our collection of thousands of artifacts.  Then we will discuss the kimono bolt, including dyeing, painting, and embroidery techniques, and take attendees through to the finished product, drawing on our experience working with a high-end custom kimono salon in Japan. All materials are labeled in English and Japanese and photos and video are enthusiastically encouraged. This panel is perfect for anyone seeking to cosplay a kimono-wearing character, for fashion students or professionals interested in non-Western garment construction, or anyone who is interested in Japanese culture.

Panel Length: 90 minutes + 30 minutes at the end so attendees can lay out and photograph materials for their research

Visit the Traveling Kimono Exhibition page for more information.

2:00 pm
4:00 pm
Exhibit Hall A/B
Overland Park Convention Center
Tangerine Mountain with Special Guest


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