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Traveling Kimono Exhibition: Kimono Through Time

Tangerine Mountain proudly presents our Traveling Kimono Exhibition: Kimono Through Time

Ever since Commodore Perry steamed into Tokyo Harbor in July of 1853, the West has been fascinated by kimono and Japanese culture. While modern kimono as we know them are a uniquely Japanese creation, hints of kimono and Japanese fashion can be found throughout Western history. From the obi-like sashes that Colonel Winchester and Civil War regiment soldiers incorporated as status-symbols into their uniforms, to American 1920’s flapper fashion which utilized straight seams without tailoring, to modern-day shawls and wraps that bear the “kimono” name; the West’s fascination with kimono as art and fashion has only continued to grow to new heights.

This exhibition highlights antique and modern kimono fashions and items from the Edo Period to Present Day. All pieces come from the private collections of Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs, the largest vintage kimono importer in the United States of America. Through this exhibition, we hope to give viewers access to authentic and antique kimono materials that usually can only be found in museums, while highlighting a variety of modern, vintage, and antique garments that will highlight specific aspects of kimono and provide context to their representation in modern and popular culture.

The goal of this exhibit is to ultimately engage the public in cultural exchange through kimono, while providing an educational opportunity to learn about kimono through direct access to authentic materials.

Exhibition Rating: All Ages
Location: Within the Vendor Hall

10:00 am
4:00 pm
Exhibit Hall A/B
Overland Park Convention Center
Tangerine Mountain


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