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Diana the Great

Diana the Great

Diana The Great is an accomplished cosplayer from the greater Kansas City Metro. She holds nearly ten years of experience in a variety of crafting and creative media; from sewing to foam work, wig creation, makeup, facepaint and more.

Entirely self taught, Diana's love for cosplay began with a fierce passion for the office Halloween contests; continually upping the ante every year until that admiration trickled over into the convention world where she also competed and began to rise in rank. As a master level cosplayer, Diana's efforts are geared to empower others. She strives to educate with every cosplay that she creates; from the smallest detail to the biggest prop-- she loves to help! In addition, Diana actively seeks to bring representation, promote diversity and inclusion in all that she does, with a little of her creative flair mixed between. Her overarching goal is to show that cosplay truly is for everyone.

You can find out more about Diana and her endeavors at



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