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Cos-lesque Performers

Cos-lesque Performers

The lovely performers for our cosplay burlesque show inspired by Japanese pop culture!

Annie-Mae Allure
Annie-Mae Allure, Kansas City's Animated Burlesque Star, is an award-winning and internationally traveled performer known for her high energy acts and powerhouse vocals. She is the Executive Producer of the Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival and KC's highest rated burlesque and variety show, the Rude Revue.

Daddy Dimples
Daddy Dimples combines drag and burlesque to wow audiences with his fantastical performances. Daddy is a cast member of Missie B's Thursday night production, the SMUT Variety show, and regularly hosts themed events at Woody's KC.

Kater Tot
Kater Tot brings your favorite characters to life with comedy, camp, and chaotic energy beyond compare. Whether paying tribute to others or creating content of her own, Kater Tot never fails to delight a crowd. Most likely to taste just as good with or without ketchup, it's One HOT Potato - Kater Tot

Knotty Orchid 
Knotty Orchid has been a recurring face of the Kansas City burlesque scene since 2018 and she has recently stepped into the brand new boots of producing her own shows. She is the Demure Dame with ASSets of acclaim and brings that vintage vibe back to life with modern flair and toss of her hair. Get ready to revel with Risqué Revelry’s Producer and Mistress of the Mic, Knotty Orchid

Lola Loquacious
Lola Loquacious, the Midwest Masterpiece, is a celebrated burlesque performer based out of Kansas City, MO.  Lola is the co-creator of THICC BITCH BURLESQUE - A FAT BODIED PEEP SHOW!

Nerdy Nita
A member and producer of The Foxy by Proxy Revue, the local burlesque troupe in Lawrence, KS, Nerdy Nita considers themself a closet cosplay comedy queen. With performances featuring Emma Frost, Daria, Harley Quinn, and their personal favorite Rocko from the hit 90s animated series Rocko’s Modern Life, Nerdy Nita’s true goal in life is sexually confusing everyone in their path while dismantling societal norms and expectations.


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