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Diana The Great

Diana The Great

Diana The Great is a master level, multi award winning cosplayer and kind of super cool nerd from the Midwest. An avid fan of all things anime, Disney, Marvel & DC, Diana has been actively cosplaying for seven years, and crafting for much much longer. Diana is entirely self taught on makeup, facepaint, props, sewing, working with thermoplastics, EVA foam, molding with clay and resin, as well as wig making, fabric dying and painting. Best known for her deep love of Sailor Moon, Diana's efforts and cosplays are geared to empower others, educate, promote diversity/representation, and show that cosplay truly is for everyone, regardless of age, gender or skill.

@Diana.the.Great on Instagram


  • 3DHQ
  • Aoyama Ramen
  • Arda Wigs
  • Hammerspace Community Workshop
  • JINYA Ramen Bar
  • KC Craft Ramen
  • Oliso
  • SewTites