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Momo Kariño

Momo Kariño

Phoenix-based cosplayer, Momo Kariño, has dedicated half her life to cosplay, where the camaraderie, energy, and creativity of others endlessly inspire her. She aims to reciprocate these vibes back into the world of cosplay by publishing tutorials, sewing patterns, prop templates, as well as general advice & encouragement to cosplayers of all levels. Additionally, Momo has won several awards for her costume craftsmanship, and judged cosplay contests at events around the country. She has been published in several magazines, worked with major companies within the anime and cosplay industry, and has helped organize various cosplay groups and events throughout her years. She engages with fans and peers through social media, conventions, contests, and panels.

Cosplayers are an incredibly diverse group of people. Being Latina and LGBT+, as well as having ADHD, Momo works hard to spread awareness about some of the challenges marginalized communities face in and out of cosplay. By generating productive discussion with the goal of making positive influences, it is her mission to make sure the community embraces and celebrates diversity, and improves options for various types of accessibility. She always promotes inclusivity for cosplayers of all backgrounds, and encourages cosplayers to take a healthy approach to cosplay. This hobby can sometimes be mentally and physically exhausting, so we must look out for ourselves and each other. No matter where you are on your cosplay journey, she wants everyone to feel welcomed, safe, supported, and empowered to reach whatever cosplay goal they dream of!

You can follow Momo on their social media @momokarinyo and view their portfolio at