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Three Trails Taiko

Three Trails Taiko

Three Trails Taiko Ltd. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, currently consisting of approximately eleven volunteers. They have performed for local festivals, relief events, libraries, organizations, and business events in the Greater Kansas City area.

Their mission is to become better taiko players in mind, body, and spirit while sharing the tradition, culture and art of Kumi Daiko and Japan with the surrounding community.

 What Is taiko? Originating in Japan, the word taiko simply means "drum". Throughout history, various forms of taiko have been used for several purposes including military action and warfare, theater, festivals and performance arts. Three Trails Taiko, along with hundreds of groups around the world, participate in of style of taiko called "kumi-daiko". Kumi-daiko was formed in the 1950's by jazz drummer Daihachi Oguchi and can be defined as group or ensemble drumming for the sake of performance arts and entertainment. Several different types of drums and percussion instruments are used in tandem to create beautiful and powerful musical compositions that can convey specific moods and tell stories of Japan's rich history and culture.

Three Trails Taiko formed in the summer of 2010 from the collaboration of some passionate taiko players from Denver Taiko and KiDaiko. They currently practice at Aikijyuku Dojo in Olathe, Kansas