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Cos-lesque Performers

2023 Cos-lesque Performers

The lovely performers for Cos-lesque, our cosplay-themed burlesque show showcasing theatrical strip teases! This year featuring dazzling performers from Foxy By Proxy Revue!

Eucalyptus Soft
Eucalyptus Soft is a large ball of green slime and chaos just cos playing as a hot girl so she can absorb all the hooting and hollering to become an even larger ball of slime.

Carma Lea
Carma Lea is known for her campy, good girl numbers. But for tonight, they will dazzle you tonight as two iconic women from anime.

Mx Diagnosed
Mx Diagnosed is your local non-binary satanic adversary. Active member of Lawrence's provocative cosplay burlesque troupe, Foxy by Proxy. First appeared on stage as a Go-Go dancer at Wilde's Chateau. IYKYK (Lawrence's last gay bar) I'm not gonna say how many years ago, because I need to uphold my image as being ageless. Co-producer of Midnight Market, a NSFW art market.

Freyja Delphine
Freyja Delphine has been performing with FBP for over a decade! With the troupe they’ve gone from performer, to choreographer, to producer! It’s been a wild ride but they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Nerdy Nita
Nerdy Nita is here to greet ya! A Lawrence based member of The Foxy by proxy review, Nita has been gracing the stage with cosplay centric performances and productions since 2016. Their end all goal is to just have fun and sexually confused the audience by having them ask themselves, “am I really attracted to an Australian Wallaby?” The answer is yes, yes you are.


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