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Working with the Sheraton Hotel, Overland Park Convention Center, and the City of Overland Park, it was decided to not hold Naka-Kon 2020 the weekend of March 13-15, 2020.

Due to scheduling constraints, we have decided rather than postpone until later to instead cancel Naka-Kon 2020, and concentrate our efforts on developing Naka-Kon 2021. This decision is based on the information we have regarding logistics and availability of our facilities.

This decision was very difficult to make, but we feel is the best course of action for continuing our mission of providing a quality celebration of Japanese popular culture.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact

However, due to the extenuating circumstances presented by the current COVID-19 outbreak, we are waiving our refund policy. We are also providing the option of rolling 2020 Memberships over to the 2021 convention in lieu of a refund. Please complete this form to let us know what you wish to do. If no reply to the form is given by March 27, 2020, then purchased badges will be automatically deferred and valid for Naka-Kon 2021. Badge refunds will start processing shortly but please be aware that due to the number of refunds involved it will likely be a couple weeks before all refunds are processed.

We appreciate your support for Naka-Kon and we will see you in 2021!

Amelie Belcher

Convention Year:
Amelie Belcher

Amelie Belcher is an award-winning artist, painter, art instructor, comic creator, and podcast host. Known for her comedy-based art education presentations, she has traveled the world teaching thousands of budding artists the secrets to starting their own journeys down the path to artistic expression with an eye geared toward anime- and manga-style creations. She is known for her webcomics, Bounty Haunters and The Real-Life Adventures Of Ami Chan. You can read her work on her website:

Amelie is also known for her latest artistic adventures, including an ongoing series which she calls “The Gold Bloomery” - a series of fine art watercolor and gouache paintings dedicated to the one and only Jeff Goldblum. She and her husband Levi Castello also host the popular podcast Laser Discotheque, a show about watching movies in the least convenient format ever produced…LaserDisc. You can give it a listen on the podcatcher of your choice, or visit the website at