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Working with the Sheraton Hotel, Overland Park Convention Center, and the City of Overland Park, it was decided to not hold Naka-Kon 2020 the weekend of March 13-15, 2020. For more information, please visit this article.
Drop Team Epic!

What is up Kansas City!!! SUPER BOWL CHAMPS! It's us DROP TEAM EPIC, ready for NakaKon 2020! Ever since our 2D waifus left us for stupid, cliche, shonen protagonists we've been drowning our sorrow in Minecraft creating some of the dopest bangers, edits, and mashups this side of your reality.

Y'all don't even know how excited we are to be dropping into Kansas City and to be dropping hot hot tunes on y'all. We've got anime remixes, we've got video game remixes, we've got jpop, kpop, soda pop, heck we might even bring grandpa along and give you a dose of the ol' pop pop. We've got it all to keep you dancing, singing, and waking up, getting up, and getting out there all night long.

If you don't already know, DROP TEAM EPIC is a collaborative project between DJs and producers Pearl Grey and KILL SCREEN. Their influences include acts like E*Tank, Getty, Michael Buble, Kors K, Ryu☆, Bemani Sound Team, Pixel Terror, Lil Texas, and many more. Prepare yourself for a crazy high energy set with music ranging from Breakbeats, to 10 hour ASMR soft loli breathing, to UK Hardcore, to 24hr Lo-Fi Hip Hop beats for chill/study, to Speedcore. A little sumpin sumpin for everyone!