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Working with the Sheraton Hotel, Overland Park Convention Center, and the City of Overland Park, it was decided to not hold Naka-Kon 2020 the weekend of March 13-15, 2020. For more information, please visit this article.

View misono's cancellation video

Hello everyone, I’m misono.

First of all, thank you for choosing me as 2020 Naka-Kon guest.

My friend Aya Kamiki actually performed at Naka-Kon last year, and she invited me on stage to sing together my song from Tales of Symphonia. The excitement and energy from the crowd that night was amazing, and I was very very happy. Thank you.

So this time, I wanted to sing more songs including the theme song from Inu-Yasha for you. Unfortunately, I have to cancel my appearance. Even though I cannot attend, I want to share my thoughts and gratitudes to everyone on my official blog, and would like to perform an a capella version of the song on my YouTube Channel instead.

If you are going to Naka-Kon, please have fun. In fact, the wonderful staff members will make this event amazing, so I have no doubt that these 3 days will be a blast for you all. That’s all from me.


Born: October 13, 1984
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Kyoto
Musical Genre: J-Pop, J-rock
Job: Singer-songwriter, television talent, designer, producer, actress, seiyu, impersonator, cops player, YouTuber

Career Highlights

  • Debuted as the vocalist of the band day after tomorrow in 2002. In 2005, the band went on a hiatus. One year later, misono debuted as a solo artist.
  • Beginning in 2007, misono began appearing on television variety programs.
  • After reaching the age of 30, her life motto has become not to work for herself or for money, but for the society, people, and animal.
  • 2018 misono leaves avex label.
  • 2018 November, misono started her own private office, Chameleon, focused on casting and production.
  • Currently her activities include providing lectures, volunteer work,impersonation, cosplaying, running a YouTube channel, and singing all overJapan including at elementary schools and educational institutions.
  • Origin of the name Chameleon, her office name: many people see misono as assertive, but like a chameleon she wants to adapt the colors of everyone whom she works with.
  • Her sister is singer Kumi Koda and her husband is drummer Nosuke.


  • 3DHQ
  • Aoyama Ramen
  • Arda Wigs
  • Hammerspace Community Workshop
  • JINYA Ramen Bar
  • KC Craft Ramen
  • Oliso
  • SewTites