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Strangecat Cosplay

Working with the Sheraton Hotel, Overland Park Convention Center, and the City of Overland Park, it was decided to not hold Naka-Kon 2020 the weekend of March 13-15, 2020. For more information, please visit this article.
Strangecat Cosplay

Strangecat Cosplay consists of two ambitious crafters from the midwest who have a variety of passions, including cosplay, cats, and Dungeons and Dragons. They have been cosplaying and attending Naka-Kon for several years, and have been competing in various cosplay competitions since 2013. When they're not working hard on their cosplays, they're at their day job, fixing various arcade machines.

Carley, also known as Cat, is the seamstress of the two, usually up way too late, patterning different pieces and trying to find where her pins went. Her mother taught her how to sew at an early age, and it all continued from there. She studied at the University of Kansas, with experience in Textiles and Metalsmithing. Always up for a challenge, she enjoys dyeing fabrics, putting LEDs in things, and encourages others to explore outside the box when tackling those difficult cosplay problems.

Victor is the crafter, painter, and eye for detail.  As the go-to for priming and coloring, he has an obsession with drawing and painting that started at a very young age and never stopped. He often helps Cat when trying to decide what different colors to use, especially when determining exactly what shade a character's clothes are. He can usually be found painting small details, sewing buttons, or embroidering the finishing touches.

Together, this duo hopes to encourage others to express themselves through the art of cosplay, and have fun doing it!


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